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Chopard Trophy Ceremony today 3

Chopard Trophy Ceremony today

The reason why Marion Cotillard will be making an official appearance at the Cannes Film Festival today is because she’s to present at the Chopard Trophy Ceremony at the Martinez Hotel tonight. She herself...

English Marion interview 0

English Marion interview

I added a ‘Public Enemies‘ background story from the San Francisco Chronicle to the press archive. The middle part is an interview with Marion. She talks about her Johnny Depp’s characters first meeting, working...

'Public Enemies' Poster & Trailers & Cannes 1

'Public Enemies' Poster & Trailers & Cannes

MSN debuted the first ‘Public Enemies‘ poster today, as well as some new stills. But none feature a new Marion still. Still, very exciting! Especially to see that out of the all star cast...