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May 2011
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After a few French interviews, here’s an article in English about actresses in Hollywood who don’t have English as their first language. Marion Cotillard is mentioned throughout and there seem to be a few new quotes: • One foot’s in Hollywood, the other’s in Europe, Los Angeles Times, May 11 Thanks to Oliver.G.Byrne I added English translations of two of Marion’s recent in-depth French interviews. Many thanks for your hard

Apr 2009
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Back in February, Marion Cotillard was a one-off editor on an issue of French Elle magazine titled “Green Special”. Today, I bring you Ioana’s translation of Marion’s editorial for the magazine. Be sure to head over to the press archive to read it! • Editorial by Marion Cotillard

Mar 2009
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Ioana sent me the translated interview from the February issue of Studio Ciné Live earlier last month. Here it is now for you all to enjoy! Marion Cotillard talks about the 08 Awards Season and Oscar campaign, winning a César and a Oscar, filming Public Enemies and Nine as well as any possible projects in the future & more. • Marion Cotillard – No Promo Required Every day, it’s like

Jan 2009
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Forum member Ioana was a sweetheart and translated the recent Madame Figaro interview with Marion Cotillard into English for all of us! Many thanks! • Marion Cotillard, World Champion

Oct 2008
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Thank you all for your patience while we were obtaining a translation of the article featured in the latest issue of French magazine Néoplanète ever since we knew Marion is on the cover. An even bigger thank you goes to Mina who despite a busy schedule found time to complete it for us! Enjoy! • Marion la Re(Belle) Is it true you declined a juicy offer from a cosmetics company…