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'Le dernier vol' Trailer!

Finally! Gaumont released the French trailer for ‘Le dernier vol‘ yesterday – in time for today’s screening at the American Film Market. Doesn’t it look perfect?! For a HQ version as well as a translation of the dialogue visit our forum.

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Massive update about 'Le dernier vol'

Lots of ‘Le dernier vol‘ goodies: I added more gorgeous posters and stills to the gallery as well as totally adorable behind the scenes pictures. They’re quite small but lovely nonetheless. Additionally, I added some interviews and background information about the movie to the press archive. This is all in French, so if someone would like to provide translations, you’re very welcome to do so! All of this comes from the French Production Notes, many thanks Nadine for sharing!

Entretien avec Marion Cotillard
Interview Guillaume Canet (French)
Interview Karim Dridi (French)
Production Notes (French)

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Many Stills & Artwork for 'Le dernier vol'

Thanks to gossipcom I replaced the existing ‘Le dernier vol‘ (‘The Last Flight‘) stills except one with HQ versions and added many new ones. Additionally, she also shared the poster of the movie with us. Many thanks! This movie just looks so pretty and I can’t wait to see it! Probably, we’ll get a trailer soon.

019 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – 2009 > Stills
001 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – 2009 > Artwork

'The Last Flight' World Premiere

This year’s American Film Market will take place November 4 – 11, 2009 in Santa Monica, California, US. During that time a total of 445 films will be screened, many of which world premieres. Among those is Marion’s much awaited first leading role and her first French film since ‘La Vie en Rose‘ in ‘The Last Flight‘ (‘Le dernier vol’). It will be screened at the AMC Loews Broadway #3 cinema on the following days:

Thursday, November 5 – 11:00 AM
Sunday, November 8th – 11:00 AM

The American Film Market (AFM) is a marketplace where producers and sales companies license films to distributors. The AFM is not a festival. As far as I was able to see from their website the event is not open to the general public. As Marion will likely be stationed in that part of the world at the time to film ‘Inception‘ I’m wondering if she’ll attend?

In any case, the info page for ‘The Last Flight‘ tells us that the movie has a runtime of 98 minutes and provides us (finally) with an official English synopsis:

Marie, an obstinate, adventuresome, young pilot, sets out to track down her lover, who has vanished in the Sahara during a record flight attempt from London to Cape Town. Her unexpected arrival turns life upside down for a remote French Camel Corps troop that is already preoccupied with the stirrings of a Tuareg uprising.

Antoine, a captain in conflict with his superior officers, decides to help Marie with her desperate quest across a grandiose and hostile sea of sand.

In the oppressive heat, their desire to survive slowly binds them in a disturbing and unexpected love story.

Let’s hope all goes well for ‘The Last Flight‘ and some US distributor picks it up so that it will find its way to US theatres soon!

'Le dernier vol' pushed back

Thanks to our forum member Nadine for the information. Apparently, the release date for ‘Le dernier vol‘ (The Last Flight) in France and French-speaking Switzerland has been pushed back to December 16, 2009. It now no longer faces direct competition from ‘Twilight: New Moon‘ – however ‘Avatar‘ opens in the same week.

There’s also a new synopsis, at least it’s a re-written version of the one we’ve posted back in March (translation by myself):

French Sahara, 1933
Having embarked on a search for the man she loves, who disappeared while attempting to fly from London to Cape (South Africa) by plane, the adventurer and aviator Marie Vallières de Beaumont is constrained to land her biplane close to an outpost of the French “Meharists” (French Foreign Legion) in the middle of the Sahara desert.

Faced with the young woman’s determination Antoine Chauvet, a lieutenant in conflict with his hierarchy, decides to help her in this hopeless quest – in a place called Ténéré (south central Sahara) which is both grandiose and hostile.

In this desert, which doesn’t lie, and in the abandonment the place imposes, Marie and Antoine are going to discover a truth they hadn’t expected.

Original French Synopsis:

Sahara Français, 1933
Partie à la recherche de l’homme qu’elle aime, disparu lors d’une tentative de traversé Londres/Le cap en avion, l’aventurière et aviatrice Marie Vallières de Beaumont est contrainte de poser son Biplan prés d’un poste avancé de « méhariste » français en plein désert Saharien.

Confronté à la détermination de la jeune femme, Antoine Chauvet, lieutenant en conflit avec sa hiérarchie, décide de l’aider dans cette quête désespérée, dans un lieu aussi grandiose et hostile que le Ténéré.

Dans ce désert qui ne ment pas, et dans l’abandon qu’il impose, Marie et Antoine découvriront une vérité à laquelle ils ne s’attendaient pas.

Also there’s a tentative theatrical release date for ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ (France): October 20, 2010.

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