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'Le dernier vol' Blu-ray Screencaptures

As promised, here are (finally) the screencaptures of ‘Le dernier vol‘ (The Last Flight). Enjoy!

729 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – 2009 > Blu-ray Screencaptures

'Le dernier vol' Blu-ray Extras

Ever since ‘Le dernier vol‘ (The Last Flight) was released on DVD & Blu-ray I’ve been capping the movie on and off. I’m afraid I’m still not done but as a kind of preview I finished the screencaptures of the 2 lovely featurettes! There are some incredibly gorgeous shots of Marion – including the moments when she was playing with the children on set – as well as the desert among them so be sure to check them out! Stay tuned for the screencaptures of the actual movie.

296 Le dernier vol – 2009 > Blu-ray Screencaptures > Sur la route de Lancaster
074 Le dernier vol – 2009 > Blu-ray Screencaptures > La Réalisation
061 Le dernier vol – 2009 > Blu-ray Screencaptures > Trailer

'Le dernier vol' Publicity

Yesterday, ‘Le dernier vol‘ (‘The Last Flight‘) entered into its 3rd week in French cinemas. So far it hasn’t been doing as well as could be wished for. I went to see it this past Monday evening and absolutely loved it. I uploaded a ton of ‘Le dernier vol‘ related material that’s been floating around since the movie’s release. Many thanks Nadine and everyone who helped me find these.

Marion Cotillard retrouve Guillaume Canet pour « Le dernier vol », Le Matin

006 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – Stills
033 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – 2009 > Screencaptures > Making Of
062 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – 2009 > Screencaptures > Movie Clips
031 News Segments > Télématin (France 2) – 10/12/2009
024 News Segments > JT20H (TF1) – 13/12/2009
028 Online Interviews > Gaumont.fr – 2009
064 Online Interviews > InfosJeunes.fr – 2009
111 Online Interviews > Allociné.fr – 2009

003 Movie & TV Clips > Le dernier vol
001 DVD Extras & Featurettes > Le dernier vol – Making Of
002 News Segments > JT20H & Télématin
003 Interviews > ‘Le dernier vol’ Promotion

Marion's Schedule & Talk Show Alerts

Before looking ahead let’s quickly review where Marion’s been in the last weeks:

November 14-16 she attended public ‘Nine‘ events in New York. Afterwards she did some ‘Nine‘ promotion in Los Angeles before returning to Paris, France. In the first week of December she was in Shanghai with David Lynch to shoot a short movie for Dior (thus missing the London ‘Nine‘ premiere). She returned to Paris, France last week where she started doing ‘Le dernier vol‘ promotion. Most notably on TV last Wednesday and yesterday but of course also behind the scenes. Places she could have gone as well – if she could be in two places at the same time – are the ‘Nine‘ premieres in Dubai and Los Angeles as well as the ‘Public Enemies‘ premiere in Japan. Due to Marion’s and Guillaume’s commitments there will be no ‘Le dernier vol‘ premiere this week in France (source: director Karim Dridi on official Facebook page).

What lies ahead? Marion is travelling to New York now.

December 15, 2009
• ‘Nine‘ premiere in New York, 6pm ET Watch live
Larry King Live on CNN at 9pm ET (together with Nicole Kidman, Kate Hudson, Daniel Day Lewis, Judi Dench, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Fergie and director Rob Marshall)
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC at 12.35/11.35 C
December 16, 2009
Variety ‘Nine‘ Screening with Q&A, AMC Lincoln Square (NY) at 8.30pm (with director Rob Marshall)

Probably she’ll be heading to Los Angeles for awards season afterwards. Remember, ‘Le dernier vol‘ opens in France on Wednesday (Dec 16) and ‘Nine‘ opens in New York and Los Angeles on Friday (Dec 18).

'Le dernier vol' screening on Saturday

Le dernier vol‘ will be shown as the closing gala at the 30th European Film Festival in Belgium this Saturday, November 14. More information

It is highly unlikely that Marion will be able to attend as she’s expected to be at the taping of the Oprah show with the ‘Nine‘ gang. Also she’s due to attend the press junket of the movie on the weekend as well as the Variety screening and Q&A on the 16th. Thanks Nadine for the heads up!

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