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Aug 2014
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Héroïne de “Deux jours, une nuit”, des frères Dardenne, présenté en compétition, l’actrice revient sur les cinéastes (James Gray, Jacques Audiard) qui ont marqué sa carrière Marion Cotillard est assise sur un canapé, dans le salon de son agent. « Ça ne vous dérange pas que je fume ? », demande-t-elle et la voilà qui plonge aussitôt dans son sac à la recherche de son tabac. Car elle roule elle-même

May 2014
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Sofia has added the missing scans of the Marion Cotillard feature in the March issue of Interview. Check out the great scans of this oversized magazine. Then, we (well, mostly Sofia) have added scans of the latest magazine features, mostly to promote ‘Deux jours, une nuit‘ (Two Days, One Night) but there’s also one for ‘The Immigrant‘. I love USA Today’s article and the photoshoot of Marion Cotillard and Joaquin

May 2014
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Many words can be drummed up to describe Joaquin Phoenix, that quirky four-time Oscar nominee who back in 2009 took performance art to new heights during a faux career switch to rapping, and who has famously bedeviled interviewers for years. Difficult. Intense. Idiosyncratic. Odd. But how about: sweet, self-effacing and actually quite lighthearted when the mood strikes? “People often think he’s strange. He’s just very shy and that seems bizarre,

May 2014
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Marion Cotillard and director James Gray talk about ‘The Immigrant’ with Charlie Rose

May 2014
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When Marion Cotillard is presented with the notion that after more than 40 films, an Oscar for Best Actress (for “La Vie en Rose”), and roles in some of the last decade’s defining blockbusters, she’s only now leading her first American film, even she seems surprised. Yes, that’s true,” she says with a laugh. “I didn’t even think about it.” But “The Immigrant,” an operatic melodrama directed by James Gray