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Interview: Marion Cotillard of ‘Rust and Bone’

Interview: Marion Cotillard of ‘Rust and Bone’

Good news, Katy Perry fans: Though Marion Cotillard’s whale trainer character in “Rust and Bone” loses her legs in an accident as Perry’s “Firework” plays, the actress says she’s not too traumatized by the empowerment tune.

“The song’s become something very special to me,” says the Paris-born Cotillard by phone from New York. “And we listen to it a lot with the team I work with. I love the song.”

In the film, opening Friday, Stephanie (Cotillard) copes with tragedy through help from Ali (Matthias Schoenaerts), a nightclub bouncer who defends Stephanie in a fight before the accident. The 37-year-old Oscar winner (“La Vie En Rose,” “The Dark Knight Rises”) says her feelings about fighters vary.

“If you fight as a kind of sport, kind of a game, so it becomes something powerful and not something specifically violent [that’s one thing] … but when you fight in the street, when you fight because you get in a fight with someone who says something bad, [it’s] not showing strength,” she says. “It can be weakness to be a fighter. Because you are just a violent person.”

Cotillard wasn’t happy when a friend tried to defend her in real life against “someone who was annoying me.” “I got so mad because I didn’t want him to get into a fight,” she says. “I used to go to see boxing and I used to love it, but seeing people fighting in the street because of an argument or something, this is something that I cannot stand.”

People may not expect someone as glamorous as Cotillard to enjoy boxing, but she doesn’t see herself that way. “It’s part of an actor’s life to sometimes show glamor,” she says. “In my real life I see myself as a human being who learns a lot of things, but I would not describe myself as glamorous. I would describe myself as just a simple human being.”

Cotillard’s Stephanie character has anything but a simple journey in “Rust and Bone” as she tries to reclaim her sense of self after the tragic accident with a whale she is training. Cotillard emphasizes the role of sexual identity in that process. “That’s a beautiful way to put the energy back into your body,” she says.

The whale accident comes as a jolt in “Rust and Bone,” but Cotillard has been familiar with surprises lately—particularly regarding her character in “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“I didn’t tell anyone what my character does in the movie,” Cotillard says of her friends, “and they were pretty shocked.” (Spoiler alert: She sleeps with Batman and tries to kill him. Cotillard notes her friends focus more on the killing aspect.)

These serious movies tend to be her forte career-wise, but Cotillard admits to loving “dumb” American comedies, including Adam Sandler films. She’s particularly fond of “Step Brothers” due to her love for John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell (she also says she loves Steve Carell and Vince Vaughn).

Yet when asked to name an actor she still wants to work with, Cotillard said Kate Winslet. When I suggest a comedy starring the two of them, Cotillard offers an idea for the title: “Step Sisters.”

If she had unlimited time in Chicago:
“I would want to go and visit my friend who lives there. And I would go to Gibson’s. And Green Mill. I loved it, too.”
On working with whales: “The thing is I didn’t have much time to prepare this movie because I was filming another movie, so I arrived five days before the shooting and we had worked before with [director] Jacques [Audiard], but with the whales I arrived five days before the shooting and that’s when I met with them and I started to learn how to [do] all the gestures to make them do what you want them to do. I love animals and I’ve always had a strong connection with them. My trainer, the woman who worked with me, she was really amazing and she made my job very easy … If you do the right gestures, you feed them well, they will actually do whatever you want them to do.”
On, as seen in “Rust and Bone,” topless swimming being more common in France than the U.S.: “There’s a freedom with our bodies in France maybe, I don’t know.”
If it’s more difficult to lose arms or legs: “Oh my God, I don’t know. It’s hard to compare. It’s really hard to lose a part of your body. No, I’d rather not lose anything. [Laughs]”

Marion Cotillard cried on Rust and Bone set

Marion Cotillard cried on Rust and Bone set

When Marion Cotillard first heard about the movie Rust and Bone — a romance between a street fighter named Ali and a woman named Stéphanie, who trains whales at a marine park and loses her legs in a tragic orca accident — she thought it was role she would never take on.

It was months before director Jacques Audiard (A Prophet) asked to meet with her, and she didn’t think she was even in line for the film. But an agent was telling her about it, and Cotillard says, “My first reaction was ‘Oh my God, I love this director and I really want to work with him one day if I can, but as much as I love him I could never ever do such a character, because of the marine land.’”

It’s a subject that’s close to her heart. The 38-year-old Oscar winner (for La Vie En Rose) is a prominent environmentalist and has been a spokeswoman for Greenpeace. The idea of a movie where whales are kept captive in tanks for the amusement of the public was against everything she stood for.

Cotillard says she forgot all about the conversation until she was cast in Rust and Bone — a job she accepted because of Audiard, and because Stéphanie was an intriguing mystery — and she had a scene with the orcas kept at Marineland Antibes, in the south of France. Then it came back to her.

“It’s me now in this sea land that I hate so much,” she recalls. “But then I met the trainers and I met the animals and I finally considered them as animals and not as freaks, I mean as poor animals turned into freaks by human beings. So, yeah, I had to do the job, but I will never go back to a marine land. I respect the trainers, but I don’t understand how you put such an animal in a swimming pool. It’s beyond understanding.”

Yet it’s a beautiful scene: Cotillard’s character stands in front of a glass tank as a whale swims up to her and moves from side to side at her direction. There’s no big secret to it — “you give them fish and they do anything you want them to do” — but Cotillard says it was an amazing encounter nonetheless. She felt she had a special relationship with the orca during rehearsal, although that changed when the scene was actually filmed.

“There were so many people behind me that the orca got scared and suddenly she screamed at me and she opened her mouth and even with the security glass I was totally shocked. And I cried that day.”

It was an emotional reaction from an actor who is known for throwing herself wholeheartedly into roles. “She brings a level of emotion that’s very high,” says Audiard. “It’s like a hand grenade.”

Stéphanie spends much of the film in a wheelchair or crawling on the floor or, memorably, having sex with Ali — played by rising Belgian star Matthias Schoenaerts — with her half-limbs thrust into the air. Cotillard says it wasn’t a difficult effect to manage.

“It came very quickly,” she says. “We were doing the fittings and I had those pants and I just sat on a chair with my pants hanging. And suddenly we had the image … and this image never left my mind.

“I didn’t have to try to feel that I had no legs. I had seen it.”

The film, which is based on a book of short stories by Canadian writer Craig Davidson, goes beyond romance and becomes an examination of the collapsing economy as well. Audiard says he was inspired by 1930s Hollywood movies and directors like Tod Browning (Freaks) who cast their dramas against the unspoken background of the Depression. Cotillard said they never talked about it, but Browning is one of her favourite directors. “I saw Freaks I don’t know how many times.”

And then there was the attraction of the mysterious Stéphanie. Cotillard says she’s always looking for things that she hasn’t done before.

“I kind of like that she stayed mysterious to me in a way. I’m not sure exactly what she’s looking for, but I believe that you attract what you need in life if you want to listen,” she says. “If you want to see. If you want to watch. If you really want to be here and now, you can be here and now. And even though she was totally lost, her failure is so deep she’s empty. She doesn’t know who she is.”

She adds, “It must be the first time that a character is so mysterious to me. It was really exciting because usually I get who the person is. There’s always a way, a road to take to the character, but this one was a really long road. I couldn’t see her on the road when I started walking on this road.”

It’s a departure in other ways as well. Cotillard’s other 2012 film was the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan. However, the two movies are not as different as they appear. “Yes Batman is like a huge blockbuster, but it’s also directed by someone whose totally involved in the whole process,” she says. “It’s kind of rare when a director in America writes his own scripts, so Chris Nolan is very, very special. It’s a big movie but almost like directed by a guy who has the spirit of an auteur.”

Rust and Bone is a much smaller project, but her performance was nominated for a Golden Globe Award, and it is also generating Oscar talk. Cotillard doesn’t want to talk about it, beyond saying, “You know, I’m very happy that people like the movie.

“I just want to do my best. I just want to find the authenticity of each character. That’s what matters to me. It would be horrible to have an audience saying, ‘Oh it’s her.’ It would be horrible. I want to experience something new each time.”

Marion Cotillard nabs Critics' Choice Movie Award Nomination

Marion Cotillard is nominated for one of the bigger pre-Oscar awards: The BFCA Best Actress Award (Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards):

Jessica Chastain (“Zero”)
Marion Cotillard (“Rust and Bone”)
Jennifer Lawrence (“Silver”)
Emmanuelle Riva (“Amour”)
Quvenzhane Wallis (“Beasts of the Southern Wild”)
Naomi Watts (“The Impossible”)

The Intouchables
A Royal Affair
Rust and Bone

The Avengers
Cloud Atlas
The Dark Knight Rises
The Hobbit
Life of Pi

The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises

Also congrats to Marion’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ co-stars Christian Bale and Anne Hathaway for getting nominated as Best Actor/Actress in an Action Movie. The 18th Critics’ Choice Awards will be presented on January 10, 2013 at the Hollywood Palladium, the ceremony will be broadcasted on CW Network.

Marion was nominated for Best Actress and ‘Rust & Bone‘ for Best Foreign Language Film last Saturday by the Washington DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA) but on Monday it was Jessica Chastain for ‘Zero Dark Thirty‘ and ‘Amour‘ that were announced as winners. ‘Rust and Bone‘ was also nominated for Best International Independent Film at the 15th Moët British Independent Film Awards last weekend but lost to ‘The Hunt‘. ‘Rust and Bone‘ is currently still nominated for Best International Film at the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Winners will be announced February 23, 2013.

Other critics associations named their winners in the past week or so and Marion Cotillard appeared neither as winner nor as runner up on those. So far, Jessica Chastain (‘Zero Dark Thirty‘), Emanuelle Riva (‘Amour‘), Jennifer Lawrence (‘Silver Linings Playbook‘) and Rachel Weisz (‘The Deep Blue Sea‘) were picked. Tomorrow we will get the SAG Award Nominations and on Thursday Golden Globe nominations which will tell us more but so far I have a feeling that Marion Cotillard is unlikely to win another Oscar but could get another nomination.

'The Dark Knight Rises' – Stills & Featurette

I added 3 more HQ stills of Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate in ‘The Dark Knight Rises‘ – currently in cinemas the world over. And there are a few brief glimpses in the movie’s featurette too:

003 The Dark Knight Rises – 2012 > Stills
005 The Dark Knight Rises – 2012 > Screencaptures > Featurette

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ has been released

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ was released this week in most territories with France following next week. Marion attended the premieres  in New York and also London. Photos will be added to the gallery shortly.

There was a premiere planned for Paris this weekend but due to the shooting in Denver, Warner Bros has cancelled the premiere and all media interviews as a result.

Our thoughts go out to the victims’ families and friends.

Source: Premiere.fr


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