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'Inception' Premiere in Los Angeles on July 13

The premiere for ‘Inception‘ will be held Tuesday, July 13, 2010 at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood (source: Seeing Stars via Nadine).

FYI, extensive Cannes gallery & video updates coming tomorrow evening as real life and especially work keeps me very busy!

More details about 'Contagion'

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates recently. As I said in a comment to the last post my real life has been incredibly stressful. I’m slowly making my way back and hope to resume updating on here a bit more regularly. There’s a lot to catch up on and I have got a hold of all of Marion’s recent magazine features so expect some quality scans soon! Stay tuned & thank you for your patience.

The Playlist got hold of a ‘Contagion‘ script (probably the second to last draft before shooting starts this fall) and described the plot in details. It sounds very intriguing. The movie is as much about the way that information can spread virally in the Web 2.0 age, as it is about the spread of the virus. Expect thriller – but not one packed with action scenes: it’s really more of a mystery, almost a detective story, as the various characters desperately search for the “index patient,” and a vaccine for the virus.

Speaking of characters: Marion Cotillard plays a European doctor named Leonora Orantes who works for the World Health Organization and heads to Hong Kong to investigate what appears to be the genesis spot of the breakout. Kate Winslet plays a similar character, Dr. Erin Mears, who is sent to examine Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow), who appears first in the movie, flying back from a business trip in Hong Kong and falling sick with the new desease, at home in Minnesota, Laurence Fishburne is Dr. Ellis Cheever, head of the Center for Disease Control. Beth Emhoff’s husband Thomas is played by Matt Damon and Jude Law plays Alan Krumwiede, a hungry, truthseeking blogger with an unfortunate interest in conspiracy theories, who is responsible for spreading information about the disease, both true and false, around the world.

The Playlist guesses that since Marion Cotillard and Kate Winslet are carrying the bulk of the investigative work they will probably have less showy parts but seeing them in roles they haven’t played before should keep the movie fresh. They also think that ‘Contagion‘ could be a major awards contender if it holds up to its promise.

To read the full report visit The Playlist.

HQ Tck Tck Tck Photo & Absence

Before I leave for my vacation I uploaded a HQ version of Marion’s portrait for the Tck Tck Tck Time for Climate Change Campaign. We previously only had a very small version of it.

While I’m gone my dear friend Mariana will look after the site seeing as Marion is so busy right now.

New Video Archive is growing

I’ve diligently transferred all the existing video clips of Marion at public appearances from the old to the new archive – bringing the total count in the new archive to 110. I’ve also added 4 new clips: 2006 Cannes Festival, 2007 Hollywood Awards Interview (by a rather ignorant reporter…) and 2009 Oscars Backstage & Red Carpet.

And here’s the transcript of what Marion said to Kate Winslet during the recent Oscar ceremony:

Kate Winslet, with each new role you continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Your brilliant performance in “The Reader” encompasses all the qualities that have always drawn us to you: passion, vulnerability and extraordinary depth. As your character move through time, love and the most dire of circumstances we, as your audience Kate, never lose a connection to you. This is yet another unforgettable portrait from one of our most gifted actresses and one of our most inspiring. Thank you!

And something cute I found online:

Fresh off her emotional acceptance speech, best actress Oscar winner Kate Winslet was still shaking when she came backstage.

“Oh my God. Oh my god. Did I make any sense?” she asked presenter Marion Cotillard.
“Totally. Don’t worry,” Cotillard, last year’s winner, told her.
“I’ve got to phone my kids,” Winslet, still shaking, said as she headed toward a hallway.

036 Award Ceremonies
005 Other Public Appearances

Video Archive – Movie Trailers

I transferred all the movie trailers & clips of projects with Marion Cotillard from the old video archive and added also a few more, all I could find, actually. Among them a rare trailer for “Lisa“. There are now also French trailers for “A Good Year” and “Big Fish” as she provided her voice for the French versions as well. I also added a few trailers with either English audio or subtitles, e.g. for “Mary” or “Burnt Out“. In addition, I added some DVD Extras for “Jeux d’enfants“, “Taxi 2“, “La Boîte Noire” and “Les Jolies Choses“. There are now a total of 63 videos in the new archive – more to come!

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