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Finally something new about ‘Second Coming’

Second Coming‘ is the project we always hear about being developed without any further information of it actually happening. It’s an independent international production and the actual movie will be in more than one language. This was confirmed by a Casting Call a few weeks ago. Now, Mark Ruffalo has said something about the project:

“Honestly,” he smiles, “just consider Second Coming, which I am doing with Marion Cotillard.” The film is a low-budget indie. “It was completely dead, and when they announced that I had got The Avengers, literally, a couple of hours later the finance was pushed through. How cool is that?”
• Source: The Telegraph

Presumably Marion will finally be busy producing and starring in ‘Second Coming‘ later this year after ‘Contagion‘.

'Second Coming' Officially in Pre-Production

The Playlist picked up on the listing of ‘Second Coming‘ in last week’s Production Weekly – which means the movie is now officially in pre-production. Not sure when it will shoot but let’s hope we’ll hear something specific soon. Intriguingly, Ethan Hawke is now also part of the cast!

Updates on Marion's Upcoming Movies

Steven Soderbergh’s all-star virus thriller ‘Contagion‘ – which starts filming in September – received a tentative theatrical release date: October 21, 2011. Not only that but it will also be in 3D. Source: Coming Soon

To promote ‘Cosmopolis‘ at the Cannes filmmarket a poster was put in Daily Variety. Let’s hope it will all come together for this project – I would really love to see Marion work with Colin Farrell and David Cronenberg.

Second Coming‘ – which also has Marion as an executive producer – was mentioned last Monday by Variety in an article about projects – among them ‘Second Coming‘ – having been awarded a French Tax Break.

A month ago Catalan newspaper El Punt reported that “a Hollywood film team with debut director Nenad Cicin-Sain and a cast of A-List actors – Mark Ruffalo, Marion Cotillard, Anjelica Huston and Thandie Newton – will come mid-May to shoot ‘Second Coming‘ in Barcelona and especially in Cadaqués. The works of Spanish artist Joan Mateu will be used in the film.” The article goes on to say how this makes the place more interesting and that Marion has a lead role in it. Apparently filming had to be postponed due to the Vulcanic erruption. Interestingly, they speculate that “the presence of Marion who is also executive producing, as well as the Weinstein brothers could make it possible that the film will be admitted to next year’s Cannes Film Festival”.

Many thanks Nadine and a huge thank you to Mel for her help with the translation!

I hope we will hear more about the status of ‘Second Coming‘ when Marion will be on Le Grand Journal this coming Tuesday.

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Pictures, Event & TV Alerts and more

First some additional pictures of Marion Cotillard at the Nine‘ screening in Rome.

Upcoming Events:
Today, Marion Cotillard will (probably) attend the 15th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards ceremony as she’s nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Red carpet arrivials will begin at 4PM (PT). The Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony will begin promptly at 6PM (PT) and will be broadcast live on VH1 Television Network at 9PM ET/PT. Details at Locate TV. Then, don’t forget the Golde Globe Awards on Sunday. More on that later.

Upcoming Talk Shows:
The recently announced talk show appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly was quietly cancelled. It seems that it was impossible for Marion to go on the show since she was in Los Angeles at business meetings. Don’t forget to watch the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this coming Monday evening. And a new talk show appearance to note down in your diaries: Marion Cotillard is scheduled to appear on the Tavis Smiley show, Tuesday, January 19 Thursday, January 21 on PBS. Check your local listings because not all PBS stations carry Tavis’ show and if they do, the times and sometimes dates vary. Many thanks Pushpak for the info.

For both the upcoming event and talk show appearances, I’d appreciate any help with getting good quality screencaptures and video clips for the site. Thank you!

This & that:
Some background information of what went on at last Saturday’s Dior Cocktail party:

“Nine” producer Marc Platt unveiled a video she shot for her “Nine” number “Take It All.” “You may all know Marion is an Oscar-winning actress, but what you may not know is that she’s a talented music video artist,” he deadpanned. The clip showed bits from the film, rehearsal footage and outtakes of Cotillard in the recording studio. “Aaagh, this is so embarrassing,” she laughed as the small crowd, including directors Jim Sheridan, David Lynch and Michael Mann, and Tobey and Jennifer Maguire, broke into applause. Although tout Hollywood seems to want to work with her, Cotillard says she’s next turning her attention to a personal documentary on conserving the forestlands, which she was inspired to do after some friends raised her awareness about deforestation.
• source: WWD.com via Stéphanie

Then the upcoming rumoured Marion project ‘Second Coming‘ was recently mentioned by The Arizona Republic in an article about women’s rising power in Hollywood:

But if you do, and your stock is rising, it can happen. Bullock is one example. Marion Cotillard, an Oscar winner currently starring in “Nine,” is another. She’s a producer for the upcoming “The Second Coming.”

“What’s interesting is that time has changed, and now you, as an actor, can find a good story by yourself and make it happen,” Cotillard said, “like Charlize Theron with ‘Monster.’ . . . There are many ways to find roles if it doesn’t come to you from a director or producer. More and more actors are producing their movies. Maybe it’s because of that – they aren’t happy enough with the offers they get, or they want to do something else that directors will not think that they’re able to do.”

Many thanks Aurore for the following heads-up. Hugh Grant visited Le Grand Journal to promote his new movie ‘Did You Hear About the Morgans?‘ in France. During the comedy re-cap of recent news and gossip called Le Petit Journal there was a funny skit featuring Marion Cotillard. Did you think it funny how so many famous Hollywood men posed with Marion for photographs at the recent Dior Cocktail Party in her honour? Well, that’s what they thought as well, and they found a way for everyday citizens (and Hugh Grant) to do the same.

Film rumour #2

Another film rumour originating from the IMDb. It’s a movie called ‘Second Coming‘, wich would be writer/director Nenad Cicin-Sain’s movie debut. Marion Cotillard would star as Galia and Mark Ruffalo as John Zener. Marion Cotillard is also listed as Executive Producer for this film.

Actor John Zener becomes an even bigger media obsession after releasing a controversial film on the Second Coming of Christ. This obsession results in the death of his wife and daughter in a paparazzi-caused accident forcing John to question for the first time the choices he has made. Teetering between delusion and sanity, John embarks on a journey through NYC, France and Spain to free himself of everything that symbolized his former life. It is through his journey that John finds transcendence and embraces the empathy that was missing in his life.

Probability: Again, I’ve found no outside sources to confirm this but the fact that Marion’s also listed as executive producer gives it more credibility.