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Elle & Paris Match Scans 0

Elle & Paris Match Scans

I added scans of the two French magazines currently featuring Marion Cotillard on the cover. Both magazines used pictures from the same portrait session. Here are the links to the French interviews: • Marion,...

Studio Ciné Live and Grazia (Aus) Scans 6

Studio Ciné Live and Grazia (Aus) Scans

GALLERY LINKS: 001 Grazia (Australia) – November 30 008 Studio Ciné Live (France) – December Many thanks to Kelly for making this update possible! The Studio Ciné Live article is particularly interesting if you’re...

More 'Nine' Promotion 2

More 'Nine' Promotion

I added the scans of the full ‘Nine‘ feature in Empire (UK) magazine as well as a transcript of the small article and the interview with Marion. • Dream Girls, Empire, December 2009 008...

Updates about 'Nine' 2

Updates about 'Nine'

It seems that the world premiere for ‘Nine‘ in London on November 4 has been cancelled. This is totally understandable as the release date has been pushed back. For months the media have been...

Sunday Express & Harper's Bazaar 0

Sunday Express & Harper's Bazaar

Many thanks to Lorna for her scans from Sunday’s issue of Sunday Express: S magazine. I’ll add a transcript of the article soon – but as you’ll discover from reading the scanned article it...

Vogue Scans 3

Vogue Scans

Guess what arrived in my mailbox today?! The November issue of US Vogue with Marion (together with ‘Nine‘ costars Nicole Kidman, Penélope Cruz and Kate Hudson) on the cover! Enjoy the scans. 007 Vogue...

Le Vif Weekend & Télé 2 Semaines 2

Le Vif Weekend & Télé 2 Semaines

Today, I bring you scans from French speaking publications from July featuring Marion Cotillard promoting ‘Public Enemies‘. The second of which only arrived in my mailbox today. Both feature previously unseen pictures. Enjoy! 004...

Scans from Madame Figaro 1

Scans from Madame Figaro

I’ve actually had this magazine for a long time but somehow I forgot to add the scans to the gallery. Around the release of ‘Public Enemies‘ in France, Marion Cotillard graced the cover of...

Scans from Vanidades magazine 0

Scans from Vanidades magazine

Many thanks to TheProjectNine who once again was very kind to contribute to our scan archive. Enjoy the scans from the August issue of Latin American magazine Vanidades! 004 Vanidades (Mexico) – August