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'Public Enemies' DVD Screencaptures

I received my UK ‘Public Enemies‘ Blu-ray this week. I now finished capping the scenes featuring Marion Cotillard in the main movie. I’ll try capping the Marion-relevant extras tomorrow. Enjoy!

On a sidenote, our gallery has now surpassed the 30,000 limit mark as it currently houses 30,321 pictures.

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'Public Enemies' on UK DVD & Blu-Ray next Monday

We recently posted about the December 8, 2009 release of ‘Public Enemies‘ on DVD & Blu-Ray in the US. Now I learned that the movie will be released in the UK already next Monday, November 2, 2009.

Again, you can order from Amazon.co.uk:
Public Enemies [Blu-ray] [2009]Public Enemies [DVD] [2009]

The DVD Extras includes only the commentary with director Michael Mann while the Blu-Ray has the same extras as the upcoming US Blu-Ray (except the interactive BD Live features). DVD owners should note that HMV are offering a 2-Disc Exclusive Edition. Exact details are TBC but it is likely to include the hour of featurettes from the Blu-ray on the second disc. (source)

'Public Enemies' on DVD/Blu-Ray December 8

Not only do ‘Nine‘ and ‘Le dernier vol‘ open in US or French cinemas in December, also the second ‘Lady Dior‘ video is scheduled to hit the internet that month and now news has just come in that ‘Public Enemies‘ will be released on DVD (single and 2-disc edition) and Blu-Ray on December 8, 2009. A busy month for Marion Cotillard!

Here the Special Features:

– Larger Than Life: Adversaries
– Feature Commentary with Director Michael Mann
– Michael Mann: Making Public Enemies (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
– Last of the Legendary Outlaws (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
– On Dillinger’s Trail: The Real Locations (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
– Criminal Technology (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
– Digital Copy (Two-disc and Blu-ray only)
– U Control – Interactive Timeline (Blu-ray only)
– U Control – Picture in Picture (Blu-ray only)
– Gangster Movie Challenge (Blu-ray only)
– Feature Commentary with Director Michael Mann (Blu-ray only)
– BD Live – Gangster Movie Challenge (Blu-ray only)
– BD Live – My Chat (Blu-ray only)
– BD Live – My Movie Commentary (Blu-ray only)
– BD Live – My Scenes Sharing (Blu-ray only)
– D-Box (Blu-ray only)
– IPhone APP (Blu-ray only)
• Source: ReelLoop

Pre-Order from Amazon.com:

'Public Enemies' in theatres today!

Finally! ‘Public Enemies‘ can be seen in US theatres as of today! Be sure to head out and watch Marion’s first movie since ‘La Vie en Rose‘ (2007). The movie will open in the UK July 3, in France July 8, in Australia July 30, and in Germany August 6 (see more dates).

Check out the many features on the movie’s official site! And read some new interviews:

Stormy role’s French twist, Journal Sentinel, June 27
Marion Cotillard is ready for her close-ups, Twincities.com, June 30

Next, Marion Cotillard’s scheduled to promote ‘Public Enemies‘ in her home country France. First, she’ll attend the movie’s premiere in Paris tomororrow.

On Friday she’s the star guest of Radio RTL. In the morning (9.00-9.30 am) she’ll be interviewed during a programm called Laissez-vous tenter and in the afternoon she’ll participate in the programme La tête dans les étoiles together with Laurent Boyer. And in the evening there will be a screening of the movie in Lyon.

As previously announced, there’ll be a TV interview titled Marion Cotillard, la rencontre (20 minutes) airing on Canal+, Sunday 11.55 am.

I’m in and out of town this and next week but I’ll try to update the site as much as possible.

Some Gallery updates

I added more pictures to some albums of earlier events this month as well as replaced the recent Public Enemies stills with better ones.

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