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Marion Cotillard talks at ‘Public Enemies‘ UK Press Conference (English) - July 1, 2009
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Marion Cotillard about travelling during awards season and her upcoming Projects (French) - February 22, 2008
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Icon Marion Cotillard

She radiates Old Hollywood grace and of-the-moment international style, but as anyone who’s watched her soul-baring performances can attest, France’s most in-demand export is a true original. Fellow actress Jessica Chastain interviews.

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Marion Cotillard’s new role cuts to the ‘Bone’

Marion Cotillard takes a tough turn in the gritty love story “Rust and Bone.” In her new film “Rust and Bone,” which already has set box office records in France, Marion Cotillard takes a dramatic step away from her chic, seductive earlier roles. Cotillard won a 2008 Oscar as Edith Piaf in “La Vie en Rose,” played captivating dream women in “Inception” and “Midnight in Paris,” and has been a brand ambassador of Dior since 2009.

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'Public Enemies' DVD Screencaptures

I received my UK ‘Public Enemies‘ Blu-ray this week. I now finished capping the scenes featuring Marion Cotillard in the main movie. I’ll try capping the Marion-relevant extras tomorrow. Enjoy! On a sidenote, our...