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Out & About in NYC

Marion Cotillard’s been busy filming her scenes for ‘Contagion‘ lately. Last weekend she was seen around New York City. On Saturday she attended the epic Heaven and Hell Halloween party at the Standard Hotel where actors, fashion designers, models, modelizers and more hang out in costumes. There are a ton of pictures available but only purple DIARY and W Magazine have photographs of Marion.

On Monday, she attended the naag.com Launch Party at the Mary Queen of Scots and was almost incognito – but Jalouse.fr has a picture of her with Cécile Cassel and Cole Alexander.

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More from the ‘Les petits mouchoirs’ Paris Premiere

I added more pictures to the album of Thursday’s Paris premiere of ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘. The whole cast was there, including Maxim Nucci (Yodélice) and the child actors. Apparently, there was a dress code to wear black – although I haven’t found any reference to that yet. There’s a video with interviews of the cast – sadly not with Marion – on Premiere.fr.

Marion was wearing a Christian Dior Fall 2010 strapless leather dress and combined the look with few accessories but with bold lipstick and didn’t sweep her bangs to the side for a change. An unusual look for her which got very mixed feedback around the web. What do you think?

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'Les Petits Mouchoirs' Paris Premiere

This is just a post to let you know I’ve started adding pictures of Marion Cotillard at the ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ premiere in Paris earlier tonight to the gallery. I will add more information and pictures at a later time.

Last Sunday's 'Les Petits Mouchoirs' Screenings

Guillaume Canet & Co. were very busy the previous Sunday, October 3. First they made a 15-minute stop (source) at the Pathé cinema in Lievin. Marion was unable to accompany them since she had to arrive earlier at their 2nd stop in Lomme for interviews (source) but sent greetings (source).

As already mentioned, they then stopped at the Kinepolis cinema in Lomme near Lille. This is where fans and media greeted Guillaume Canet and his friends: Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lellouche, François Cluzet, Pascale Arbillot, Laurent Lafitte and Joël Dupuch. Only absent due to filming commitments were Jean Dujardin, Benoît Magimel and Valérie Bonneton. France 3 aired a news report about the premiere with a short Marion interview the following day.

The group also made a stop at the UGC theatre in Villeneuve. There’s a video of this on YouTube uploaded by jeanpierreblauw. La voix du nord has 2 articles about this here and here.

The last stop was the UGC Ciné Cité Cinema in Lille. There are 2 very good videos by CalogeroFanzone on Youtube: Part 1 and Part 2. These are particularly noteworthy because they were having so much fun, even singing bits of songs while introducing the movie. I added screencaptures of these to the gallery.

Not surprisingly, all these highly successful advance screenings around the country in the past weeks have resulted in over 10,000 people having seen the movie prior to its official theatrical release on October 20 – as of October 4 (source). The number has increased since.

Many thanks Nadine for your tremendous help in finding the links to all this information. Stay tuned for more catch-up posts as well as pictures from the official premiere which took place earlier tonight.

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Timeline and News about Lady Dior & ‘Contagion’

Timeline and News about Lady Dior & ‘Contagion’

After filming ‘Midnight in Paris‘ and promoting ‘Inception‘ in July Marion Cotillard enjoyed a well-deserved vacation in the South of France during the second half of August – where she also performed as Simone at some Yodélice concerts.

Afterwards, she travelled to London to film the 4th – and last – short movie for the Lady Dior Campaign which will also be starring Ian McKellen. Source: Karen Hayley’s Official Website.

Following a stay in France during which she attended a ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ advance screening in Paris (Sep 8 or 9) she travelled to Canada to promote the movie together with Guillaume Canet & Gilles Lellouche (see past updates).

Only days later she was back in France doing ADR for ‘Midnight in Paris‘, attending a ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ advance screening in Orléans (Sep 15, source: Orléans Info), taping her guest appearances on the TV Shows Taratata and Enfants de la télé (Sep 16) as well as attending the U2 concert in the Stade de France (Sep 18, source: U2 France).

Towards the end of September 2010 Marion flew to the other side of the planet to shoot her scenes for ‘Contagion‘ taking place in Hong Kong. There are some pictures of Marion arriving on the set from September 29 on The Sun China.

Stay tuned for updates, pictures and videos from Marion’s activities back in France last week!

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