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Marion promotes 'Nine' in Italy

Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, Sophia Loren and Rob Marshall attended a press conference for ‘Nine‘ at the St. Regis Hotel in Rome, Italy, earlier today. There was also a huge photocall as well as a screening of the movie later on. So far, I only finished sorting the pictures for the press conference, so stay tuned for more! Many thanks Amanda for her help with the pictures!

010 ‘Nine’ Press Conference – Rome

More awards news

Each year, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts publishes a Film Awards Longlist ahead of announcing their final nominees. Marion Cotillard with her performance in ‘Nine‘ is one of 15 actresses short-listed for the “Leading Actress” award. Let’s hope that the confusion about her category placement won’t stand against her when the nominees are announced on January 21.

Marion Cotillard – again for her performance in ‘Nine‘ – is up for the Pantene Best International Actress award at the Irish Film and Television Awards. Other nominees are Penélope Cruz for ‘Broken Embraces‘, Anna Kendrick for ‘Up In The Air‘ and Meryl Streep for ‘It’s Complicated‘. This is a People’s Choice Award – residents of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are able to VOTE FOR MARION COTILLARD! The awards ceremony will take place in Dublin, February 20, 2010.

Marion about Rob Marshall

I think by now we’ve all seen Rob Marshall singing Marion’s praises at the Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Ceremony so I bring you a quote from Marion about the ‘Nine‘ director from Hollywood Reporter

'Nine' Promotion

Over the past few days I was busy preparing for this huge post. I added clips and screencaptures of all the promotional interviews Marion Cotillard did for ‘Nine‘ – except talk shows. I also replaced some stills as well as the screencaptures of the 3rd trailer with better ones and added screencaptures of Marion rehearsing her dance routine.

004 Nine – 2009 > Stills
042 Nine – 2009 > Screencaptures > Trailer
054 Nine – 2009 > Screencaptures > B-Roll Rehearsals
083 News Segments > Fox 5 News – 24/12/2009
117 Specials > Access Hollywood – 22/11/2009
011 Specials > CNN – 25/11/2009
071 Specials > ET (CBS) – 27/11/2009
089 Online Interviews > FilmsNMovies.com – 2009
030 Online Interviews > ABC.com – 2009
057 Online Interviews > Broadway.tv – 2009
008 Online Interviews > Jake the Movie Guy – 2009
065 Online Interviews > MTV.com – 2009

001 Trailers > Nine
001 Movie & TV Clips > Nine B-Roll Rehearsals
004 News Segments > ‘Nine’ Promotion
005 Interviews > ‘Nine’ Promotion

Various 'Nine' appearances

I added additional pictures to existing albums of promotional events for ‘Nine‘ as well as new events. There are also 2 new video clips.

Be sure to go out and see ‘Nine‘ in theatres if it is playing in your area!

030 ‘Nine’ Press Conference – New York, November 14
001 ‘Nine’ Luncheon, December 14
052 ‘Nine’ Broadway Screening, December 14
011 ‘Nine’ Variety Screening with Q&A, December 16
028 Screencaptures: ‘Nine’ Variety Q&A – 2009
031 Screencaptures: Oprah – 2009 (Behind the Scenes)

001 Talk Shows > Oprah
001 Other Public Appearances

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