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Confirmation of 'Mistérios de Lisboa'?

It would appear that Marion Cotillard really has been cast in the big Portuguese production ‘Mistérios de Lisboa‘ – according to yesterday’s news item on Ante-Cinema.com. Thanks Nadine for the information and Mariana for the translation:

Marion Cotillard (Public Enemies), Louis Garrel (The Dreamers), Léa Seydoux (Inglourious Basterds) and Melvil Poupad (Speed Racer) are part of the impressive international cast of Mysteries of Lisbon, one of the biggest Portuguese productions ever, which also includes Portuguese actors Adriano Luz, Maria João Bastos, São José Correia, José Afonso Pimentel, Ana Padrão, Catarina Wallenstein, Ivo Canelas, Margarida Vila Nova, Carloto Cotta, among many others.

Chilean director Raoul Ruiz is in Portugal to prepare this ambitious project, that will recreate the city of Lisbon of the end of the 18th century, beginning of the 19th century, and that will culminate in a long-feature film and a TV series. Produced by Paulo Branco — in a Clap Filmes/Alfama Filmes co-production –, Mysteries of Lisbon will be shot mainly in Lisbon, but also in France and in Brazil. The film will already have two days of shooting during the month of September.

Interestingly, Léa Seydoux was handed her Chopard Trophy by Marion Cotillard at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Note that in this bit of information Laetitia Casta is no longer listed.

Edit: According to the producer’s website Marion Cotillard’s involvement is not definite yet as they posted yesterday:

Melvil Poupad, Léa Seydoux, Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet, Martin Loizillon, Louis Garrel and, possibly, Marion Cotillard are part of the impressive international cast of Mysteries of Lisbon, one of the biggest Portuguese productions ever.

Film rumour #3

This is a project that apart from the IMDb has also been widely reported in the Portuguese media. ‘Mistérios de Lisboa‘, the novel by famous author Camilo Castelo Branco, is being made into a film and a television mini-series by Chile’s leading director Raoul Ruiz. Marion Cotillard is reportedly in negotiations to be part of the project while Laetitia Casta, Melvil Poupaud, Adriano Luz and José Afonso Pimentel among many others have already been confirmed.

One of the biggest names in worldwide cinema, Raoul Ruiz, returns to Portugal to film Mysteries of Lisbon. Ruiz’s ninth project shot in our country (Portugal), is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by one of the greatest authors of Portuguese literature: Camilo Castelo Branco. This ambitious project, shot mainly in Lisbon during the fall of 2009, anticipates a recreation of the city at the end of the 18th century, and beginning of the 19th century, an adaptation by Carlos Saboga that will result in a film and a television series.
(thanks Mariana for the translation)

Filming is also supposed to take place in France and Brazil. The book is one of Camilo Castelo Branco’s early novels and was origininally written for a local paper in the style of a novella, with each chapter enticing the reader to continue unravelling the mysteries. It has been described as a “romance of the imagination” in the style of Victor Hugo.

Synopsis (of the novel):
This narrative account of two stories that mingle and fuse,because the story of Peter can only be counted if not to forget Father Dinis. Peter is an orphan of father and mother and be educated by a priest. The biggest regret of Peter is the condition of orphans and that is so poor. But Peter is not an orphan, much less poor, is the fruit of a forbidden love and reason of a great tragedy. You son of a major Portuguese families. It spent a lot of money for he died at birth, but spent even more so that he lived. Lived, knew the truth, that has even more sad. He was orphaned, and no longer saw the death of the mother and those who most loved.
Who was the father Dinis? Someone who brought it with hope, traveled the world to life, peace and death. Father Dinis was poet, was beggar, and condemn missionary, gave his life forever and always bring death. This timeless novel is a tragedy that crosses generations, which reveals deep secrets such as the decline of humanity. Illegitimate children have to die, duels of honor, sick persecution, fortune
(thanks to forum member DJLove for the translation

Probability: This is a project which seems to really be happening in the near future. Everything’s set for a November start of filming. In the first update (July 30) about the project on the production company’s website they said they were still in negotiations with Marion Cotillard, however in another, more recent update (August 5), her name’s simply listed among the rest of the cast. Let’s hope that this means those negotiations went well and that her filming schedule for ‘Mistérios de Lisboa‘ was arranged in a way as not to interfere with the shooting of ‘Inception‘. Marion has always said she’d love to work anywhere in the world, so to have a part in a Portuguese production would clearly be thrilling for her.