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'Inception' has a $200 Million Budget 2

'Inception' has a $200 Million Budget

According to the Calgary Sun filming for Marion’s next Hollywood production, the Christopher Nolan directed ‘Inception‘ – also starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Caine and Ellen Page among others – will start November 2009 in...

English Marion interview 0

English Marion interview

I added a ‘Public Enemies‘ background story from the San Francisco Chronicle to the press archive. The middle part is an interview with Marion. She talks about her Johnny Depp’s characters first meeting, working...

This & That 0

This & That

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Caine have joined the cast of Inception. In all the news of their casting Marion Cotillard’s participation was confirmed. Fabulous news! Thank you Jess for making Magnifique Marion Cotillard site...