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Filming ‘Contagion’ in Geneva

Back in October Marion Cotillard was on the ‘Contagion‘ set in Chicago filming scenes that are meant to take place at WHO headquarters in Geneva. There’s also an exterior scene involving her character and it is being filmed right now on location in Geneva, Switzerland. Filming is expected to last a total of about 3 hours. They will wrap at lunch time.

• Sources: Lauren and John Zimmer via Nadine

Marion finished filming 'Midnight in Paris'

New pictures of Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson on the set of ‘Midnight in Paris from Wednesday night (August 4) have surfaced. Apparently, that was Marion’s last day of filming, as the last 2 pictures show where she’s holding flowers and wiping away tears.

Additionally, I’ve added more pictures from July 7 & 30. This means we now have 299 photos of Marion on the set of the Woody Allen pic. The filenames indicate which day the photographs are from.

065 Midnight in Paris (2011) > On Set

Yesterday on the set of 'Midnight in Paris'

More pictures of Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson from the set of ‘Midnight in Paris‘ – this time from yesterday, Friday, July 30.

According to PEOPLE Magazine Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is playing the director of a Paris museum and Marion her subordinate.

041 Midnight in Paris (2011) > On Set

Filming 'Midnight in Paris' on Monday

I added a few more pictures of Marion Cotillard on the set of the Woody Allen movie ‘Midnight in Paris‘ – mostly taken last Monday, July 26, but also 3 additional ones from July 5.

Woody Allen’s period movie just went into flashback mode. The director took over famed Paris eaterie Maxim’s on Monday night to shoot scenes for “Midnight in Paris” with Marion Cotillard and Owen Wilson.

Images taken on the set of the movie so far indicate the action is set in the Twenties, but the scenes filmed at Maxim’s, owned by Pierre Cardin, take place in the late 19th century, in what an insider described as a flashback within the film.

Cotillard donned a yellow dress for the ball scene, which featured some 40 extras, including musicians. Filming stretched into the wee hours, with exterior scenes featuring a coach and horses.
• Source: WWD.com

028 Midnight in Paris (2011) > On Set

Marion kind of talks 'Inception'

Empire Magazine, who picked up the news about Inception‘s IMAX release, spoke to Marion Cotillard in order to get more information about ‘Inception‘ this week. Of course the film is still as much of a secret as before but at least we know more about Marion’s filming schedule:

“I’ve only had one day [filming] in Paris. I’m doing a movie right now with Guillaume Canet, and when I’ve finished that I’m going to go to LA for the shoot. Can I tell you anything about Lisa? Um… noooo!”

While she’s busy filming ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ in Cap Ferret both the ‘Beds are burning‘ Launch and the Dior Fashion Show in Paris had to do without her presence.

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