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Marion Cotillard

In some ways Marion Cotillard seems like a movie star out of another era, as sultry and soft-lit as a 1940s George Hurrell portrait. Maybe that’s because—at least for American audiences—she appeared fully formed...

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Marion Cotillard Interview

Even after becoming the most popular French actress in Hollywood, after an Academy Award (La vie en rose, 2008) and several international successes (The Dark Knight Rises, Midnight in Paris, Contagion, Inception, Nine), Marion Cotillard appears surprisingly shy and low profile. She is most discreet, not to say dumb, about her life with Guillaume Canet, actor-director who has been her partner for seven years and is the father of her son Marcel (2 years and a half).

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Somewhere beyond la vie

Her turn as Piaf made her, but get ready for more defining roles from Marion Cotillard. “It was a dream come true,” says Marion Cotillard, describing the job she has just completed with the Dardenne brothers, the two-time Cannes Palme d’Or winners. But the statement could apply equally to everything she does. The actress will soon be in England, fulfilling another childhood ambition by playing Lady Macbeth in the latest big-screen adaptation of the Scottish play.

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Rencontre avec Marion Cotillard

On nous prévient : « Ah ! Marion ! Muette comme une carpe. Elle ne dit rien. » Comme les autres poissons ne sont pas plus loquaces, on se demande pourquoi reprocher toujours aux seules carpes de tenir le silence. Et puisque le proverbe nous informe qu’il est d’or, pourquoi ne pas dire directement que Marion Cotillard est une fille en or ? De fait, c’est une Marion Cotillard très détendue et chaleureuse, dont la grâce tient plutôt du félin que de la gent aquatique, que l’on rencontre dans la suite d’un grand hôtel, aux alentours de la place Vendôme. Cheveux courts, yeux bleus, teint parfait, stilettos, jean, un rayon de soleil dans le verre d’eau, une cigarette, et la conversation commence.

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Latest events update

Marion Cotillard promoting ‘Blood Ties’ at the Toronto International Film Festival and in France, ‘The Immigrant’, and getting honoured at ELLE’s Women in Hollywood event.