Un long dimanche de fiançailles (2004)

A Very Long Engagement (English Title)
Short Facts

Studio: ,
Screenwriter: ,
Based upon: novel by Sébastien Japrisot
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Genre: , , ,
Runtime: 133 minutes
MPAA Rating: France: Accord parental souhaité, US: R, UK: 15
Filming Dates: August 25, 2003 - January 23, 2004
Filming Locations: Paris, Finistière, Côtes-d'Armor (France)
Theatrical Release: France: 27 Oct 2004, US: 17 Dec 2004, UK: 21 Jan 2005
DVD Release: France: 27 Apr 2005, US: 27 Apr 2005, UK: 13 Jun 2005

Never let go

Near the end of World War I in France, five nearly hopeless men shoot themselves in order to escape the horror of the frontline trenches at the Somme. They are court-martialed under mysterious circumstances and as punishment, are pushed out of an allied trench into no-man’s land, left alone to die a horrible death. The fiancee of one of the men, suddenly receives some information that leads her to believe her boyfriend might have somehow been able to escape his prescribed fate. She sets out on a painful and frustrating search for the truth, which also leads her to learn about the absurdity of war, the strangeness of secrecy, and the enduring passion and tenacity of the human heart. Based on the acclaimed novelby Sebastian Japrisot. Nominated for two Academy Awards! Starring Audrey Tatou (“Dirty Pretty Things,” “Amelie”), Jodie Foster (“Panic Room,” “Contact”), Dominique Pinon (“The Da Vinci Code,” “Amelie”) and Tcheky Karyo (“Taking Lives,” “The Patriot”).

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard plays Tina Lombardi a former prostitue from Corsica also searching for the truth about her lost lover’s fate. However, she is Mathilde’s opposite, she employs ruthlessness instead of Mathilde’s above-board methods for finding answers. At first, Marion’s character is only introduced as a one-dimensional figure. Nontheless, as the story unfolds and we learn more about Tina’s motives she becomes a real character. Marion leaves a big impression and delivers a powerful performance.


• The film was shown at a number of Film Festivals: e.g. in Hong Kong, Moscow and Stockholm.
• Was nominated for 2 Oscars and 12 César awards (5 wins, among them Best Supporting Actress for Marion Cotillard).
• After the phenomenal ‘Amélie’ this film marks the 2nd collaboration of director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Audrey Tautou.
• A Paris court ruling prevented the movie from receiving State financial aid reserved to French movie production companies because it was produced by a company owned by Warner Bros., hence not a French company.
• Disqualified to compete in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival because it has been shown outside its country of origin regardless of the fact that a Paris court ruled the movie to be too American.
• Tina Lombardi’s execution scene is directly inspired by the real film of the last public execution in France, Eugen Weidmann’s in 1939.
• Jodie Foster agreed to star in a little role since the main roles were already taken. She speaks French fluently, so she acted with her own voice.

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Awards & Nominations

= Win = Nomination

  • Best Supporting Actress (Meilleure actrice dans un second rôle) from César Awards
  • Most Glamorous Actress (Actrice la plus glamour) from NRJ Ciné Awards