Toi et Moi (2006)

You and Me (English Title)
Short Facts

Screenwriter: ,
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Genre: ,
Runtime: 90 minutes
MPAA Rating: France: Tous publics, US: PG-13, UK: n/a
Filming Dates: n/a
Filming Locations: 2005
Theatrical Release: France: 8 Mar 2006, US: n/a, UK: n/a
DVD Release: France: 4 Oct 2006, US: 24 Nov 2009, UK: n/a

La vie est un roman-photo! (Life is a photo-novel!)

Editor of the photo romance section of “You and Me” magazine, Ariane has a tendency to transpose the love lives of herself and her sister, Lena, onto the pages – albeit with some extra flourishes. However, their lives are not exactly romantic: Ariane clings on to Farid, who wants nothing to do with her, while Lena has grown bored with her companion, François. But what if Ariane let herself go and fell in love with Pablo, the handsome Spaniard who is working her building? And what if Lena let her heart beat for Mark, the remarkable violinist she has just met?

Marion Cotillard

Lena, 28 year old. Sometimes we fondly call her “Little Mouse”:
there’s a look of a grey and white mouse, always running away…
Plays the cello. Very well.
Cannot believe it.
Overall, somewhat lacking in self-confidence.
Lonely, even though (or because?) she’s been living with her love François since forever, but that doesn’t mean it’ll last forever.
Terribly romantic. Terribly shy.
The mixture can be worse than nitroglycerin.
A today’s girl who lives like a heroine from a 19th century novel (however not Madame Bovary…).


• Marion Cotillard had to learn to play the violin, an instrument she had always admired but never played before. She took lessons for 3 months and practiced every day in order to be able to play the instrument herself in all the scenes.
• Was shown at a number of festivals in 2006: Kiev (Molodist) – International Film Festival, Mexico City – Franco-Mexican Film Festival, New York – New Directors New Films, Seattle International Film Festival, Tel-Aviv – French Film Festival, Tokyo/Osaka – French Film Festival, Vienna (Viennale) – International Film Festival

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From other people

I saw “Big Fish” and I immediately thought of Marion Cotillard for Lena. Marion has a beautiful interior, a mixture of elegant restraint and childhood. She really got into the role, working on it in secret, she’s a highly concentrated actress. And then she’s also incredibly photogenic. She did an outstanding job in learning to play the cello, I know she worked whole nights to make sure where to place the hands, to know her part. But I think she fell in love with the instrument to the point of wanting to continue
playing it today …
• Julie Lopes-Curval (Director)

From reviews

Depardieu and Cotillard’s agile yin-yang performances are significantly more modulated than their characters’ up-and-down narrative arcs, often providing a measure of sweet sincerity that’s otherwise lacking from Lopes-Curval’s uneven screenplay.
• Slant Magazine

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