Les Jolies Choses (2001)

Pretty Things (English Title)
Short Facts

Based upon: novel by Virginie Despentes
Starring: , , , ,
Runtime: 105 minutes
MPAA Rating: France: 12 ans, US: n/a, UK: n/a
Filming Dates: 2001
Filming Locations: Paris (France)
Theatrical Release: France: 14 Nov 2001, US: n/a, UK: n/a
DVD Release: France: n/a, US: n/a, UK: n/a


Lucie and Marie are twin sisters with a love-hate relationship, their personalities completely opposed. Lucie is an extroverted pin-up model, drawn to Paris seeking fame and dragged into a world of sex, drugs and danger. Marie is a quiet, reserved and austere. Both sisters are haunted by their long-standing childhood competition for the affections of their cruel, emotionally distant father. However, when Lucie’s modeling connections lead to an exclusive recording contract offer despite the fact that she cannot sing, Lucie is forced to seek out Marie, who possesses a good singing voice, to perform in her place. Marie reluctantly agrees, but when she returns from the performance she finds that Lucie has committed suicide, leaving her no choice but to assume Lucie’s name. As Marie’s own fame skyrockets, she spirals uncontrollably further downward into the secrets of Lucie’s dark life and finds a hidden side of herself.


This is the first film which Marion Cotillard plays a singer, the second was La Vie en Rose (2007).

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  • Most Promising Actress (Meilleur jeune espoir féminin) from César Awards