Dikkenek (2006)

Short Facts

Screenwriter: ,
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Runtime: 84 minutes
MPAA Rating: France: Tous publics, US: n/a, UK: n/a
Filming Dates: 2005
Filming Locations: Anderlecht; Brussels; Knokke-het-Zoute, West-Vlaanderen (Belgium)
Theatrical Release: France: 21 Jun 2006, US: n/a, UK: n/a
DVD Release: France: 24 Jan 2007, US: n/a, UK: n/a

As Jacques Briel said, the hardest thing in life isn't heading off to Tahiti, it's getting out of Brussels

JC is the perfect example of a certain kind of Belgian: show-off, loud-mouth, Mr Know-It-All. As he can only see his dream of a beautiful life on a sunny beach through a travel agency window, he makes do with preaching at everyone else. Fortunately, JC is also funny, touching and emotional – and an ace ladykiller, which is not the case with Stef, his lifelong friend. While jokes, sex, fights and, let’s be honest, stealing cars are JC’s daily fun, Stef’s permanent good mood is merely a façade hiding his existential unease. JC’s unexpected encounter with Natacha, a beautiful adventuress, in a merc’s trunk is turning point for the two pals. Then begins a picaresque voyage in today’s Belgium inhabited by characters each more crazy than the last.

Marion Cotillard

She plays Nadine – a teacher. However, like the rest of the film’s characters she’s nothing but normal. During an educational trip to some kind of museum with her students she literally shows the kids what people look like after a car accident. Or the scene where she’s supposedly doing drug prevention with the kids is just hilarious. In her free time Nadine is falling for Greg – an unexpected match.


• Dikkenek is the first full-length feature of director Olivier Van Hoofstadt after many short films. One of which ‘Snuff Movie’ also starring Marion Cotillard.
• Nadine’s BMW 645 in the film was a luxury car worth 85,000 euros. The manufacturer was really nice and agreed to take the engine out.
• Dikkenek means “fat neck” (literal translation from Dutch), a braggart, a “big mouth” or a “Mr. or Ms. know-it-all”

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She was an obvious choice, she had already starred in two of my two short films and she has always been there for me even after she became a star.
• Olivier Van Hoofstadt

From Marion Cotillard

I really liked the idea of a girl who’s a bit crazy, who comes from an environment where money isn’t a problem. She’s the perfect embodiment of my mantra: “We’re all good and we’re all wicked at the same time.

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