Blood Ties (2013)

Short Facts

Screenwriter: ,
Based upon: novel 'Les liens du sang' by Bruno and Michel Papet
Starring: , , , , , ,
Genre: ,
Runtime: 144 minutes
MPAA Rating: France: Tous publics, US: R, UK: 15
Filming Dates: May 3 - July 13, 2012
Filming Locations: New York
Theatrical Release: France: 30 Oct 2013, US: 21 Mar 2014, UK: 15 Aug 2014
DVD Release: France: 9 Apr 2014, US: 3 Jun 2014, UK: n/a

Crime Runs In The Family

New York, 1974.

Chris Pierzynski has just been released after years in prison for his part in a gangland murder. Waiting reluctantly outside the prison gates is his younger brother, Frank, a cop with a bright future. Chris and Frank have always been different, and their father, who raised them alone, has always favored Chris – despite all his troubles. Frank has known this since they were kids, and it eats at him like nothing else.

But blood is the tie that binds. Frank gives his brother a chance: he shares his home, finds Chris a job, helps him reconnect with his kids and ex-wife. When Chris meets Natalie, the promise of a new life beckons, but his past quickly catches up with him, and his return to a life of crime is inevitable. For Frank, his brother’s descent is the final betrayal, and he banishes Chris from his life. Leaving the police department, Frank moves in with Vanessa, the former girlfriend of a dangerous Mob hit man.

Chris has killed before, and he will kill again. Frank is powerless to stop him. But despite all the rivalries, the violent conflicts, the painful betrayals, Chris will stop at nothing to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Remake of the French movie ‘Les liens du sang’ starring François Cluzet & Guillaume Canet

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Ms. Cotillard gives an intense, glowering portrayal of Monica, but her French vocal inflections are disconcerting.
• NYTimes

As strenuously as the soundtrack puts you into that place, the actors take you right out. The one exception is Marion Cotillard as Monica, one of Chris’ exes. Her accent is probably the most distracting in the entire film. But she acts with real fire, real passion: Monica is a scorned lover, betrayed by Chris’ bumbling criminal schemes. In the third act, when most of the plot threads have concluded, there’s a good twenty minutes where the volcanic Monica basically gets hers, and you wish the movie were about her from the start. Cotillard has recently been a muse for both Canet (“Little White Lies”) and Gray (“The Immigrant”) and it’s clear both filmmakers get the best out of her.
• The Playlist

Cotillard and Kunis find real depth in their stereotypical roles, while Emmerich and especially Lombardozzi take their characters in unexpected directions.

Again though, the female parts are under-cooked (at least in this version) but Cotillard at least gets a few good scenes in an unusually trashy role for her.

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