Big Fish (2003)

Short Facts

Based upon: novel by Daniel Wallace
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Genre: , ,
Runtime: n/a
MPAA Rating: France: n/a, US: n/a, UK: n/a
Filming Dates: 2003
Filming Locations: Alabama (USA), Paris (France)
Theatrical Release: France: 3 Mar 2004, US: 10 Dec 2003, UK: 23 Jan 2004
DVD Release: France: n/a, US: n/a, UK: n/a

An adventure as big as life itself

Throughout his life Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor) has always been a man of big appetites, enormous passions and tall tales. In his later years, portrayed by five-time Best Actor Oscar® nominee Albert Finney (Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Erin Brockovich, 2000), he remains a huge mystery to his son, William (Billy Crudup). Now, to get to know the real man, Will begins piecing together a true picture of his father from flashbacks of his amazing adventures in this marvel of a movie.

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard plays Josephine, French wife of William Bloom. She accompanies her husband back home to his parents and is fascinated by her father-in-law’s life and tries to help her husband to reconcile with his father. She’s expecting a baby and is very eager to learn everything she can about William’s (and Ed’s) background. This film marks Marion’s debut in an American production – working with Tim Burton was a dream for her. The 2 share an artistic vision.


• Steven Spielberg was attached to this project and wanted Jack Nicholson to star, but dropped out due to his full schedule, soon after which Tim Burton signed on.
• Ewan McGregor was cast as Young Ed Bloom when producers noticed the striking similarity between him and pictures of a young Albert Finney, who plays Senior Ed Bloom.
• When Josephine asks for Ed Bloom’s permission to take his picture she holds a cult rangefinder camera, the Leica M6.
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