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Beds Are Burning – Teaser 3

Beds Are Burning – Teaser

Thanks to Even though we still have to wait till September 8 to listen to Beds Are Burning – a song recorded by many stars, among them Marion Cotillard, in support of the...

New French articles 0

New French articles

This second batch of new interviews consists of French interviews and articles. If anyone has time to translate at least one or two of them that’d be great! This is the last update for...

Sa Vie en Rose 0

Sa Vie en Rose

de Le Petit Bulletin (France) / par Christophe Chabert Marion Cotillard, actrice, trouve dans Public enemies son premier grand rôle américain, ou comment une comédienne consacrée par un mythe français se mue, promo comprise,...

New articles & scans 0

New articles & scans

I added a bunch of new interviews & articles to the press archive: • Marion Cotillard on Public Enemies, CanMag, July 6 • Comparisons with Angelina a thorn as Marion blooms,, July 5...

Marion Cotillard on Public Enemies 0

Marion Cotillard on Public Enemies

from CanMag (Canada) / by Fred Topel Marion Cotillard came to most people’s attention when she won the Oscar for Best Actress in La Vie En Rose in a surprise upset. Now she plays...