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Marion Cotillard on Public Enemies 0

Marion Cotillard on Public Enemies

from CanMag (Canada) / by Fred Topel Marion Cotillard came to most people’s attention when she won the Oscar for Best Actress in La Vie En Rose in a surprise upset. Now she plays...

Lady Dior New York 0

Lady Dior New York

Exciting news! Dior has posted the very first picture from the second part of the Lady Dior story, which takes place in New York. The pictures for the Print Ads are shot by renowned...

Cotillard's Vie En Roles 0

Cotillard's Vie En Roles

from California Chronicle (US) / by Donald Clarke For Marion Cotillard, subsuming herself into the exhausting role of Edith Piaf was simpler than mastering an American accent in her latest film SO FEW French...

The French Revolution 0

The French Revolution

from The Herald Magazine (UK) / Marion Cotillard captivated audiences as the iconic Parisian chanteuse Edith Piaf. Now she’s becoming a Hollywood moll – and the world awaits Marion Cotillard is standing in a...

Marion Cotillard, une Môme en plein Sahara 0

Marion Cotillard, une Môme en plein Sahara

de Le Figaro Magazine (France) / par Laurence Haloche C’est son premier film français après deux tournages aux États-Unis : dans «Le Dernier Vol», en salles en novembre, Marion Cotillard incarnera une aventurière des...

Cotillard: Every day is magical 0

Cotillard: Every day is magical

from AFP (UK) Marion Cotillard has revealed her life is “magical” since she won an Oscar and her career took off. The French actress scooped an Academy Award for playing singer Edith Piaf in...