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Prima Time 0

Prima Time

from Vogue / by Plum Sykes What actress doesn’t dream of reliving Fellini’s magic? Here, a head-spinning lineup of A-list stars join forces in Rob Marshall’s movie-musical Nine. Plum Sykes visits them on set....

Updates about 'Nine' 2

Updates about 'Nine'

It seems that the world premiere for ‘Nine‘ in London on November 4 has been cancelled. This is totally understandable as the release date has been pushed back. For months the media have been...

Sunday Express & Harper's Bazaar 0

Sunday Express & Harper's Bazaar

Many thanks to Lorna for her scans from Sunday’s issue of Sunday Express: S magazine. I’ll add a transcript of the article soon – but as you’ll discover from reading the scanned article it...

Entretien avec Marion Cotillard 0

Entretien avec Marion Cotillard

Q : Vous n’hésitez pas à parler d’une rencontre déterminante avec Karim Dridi… Comment vous a-t-il convaincu de devenir l’héroïne du Dernier Vol ? M.C : J’ai rencontré Karim, pour la première fois, il...

The Last Flight: Production Notes (French) 0

The Last Flight: Production Notes (French)

SYNOPSIS Sahara français, 1933… Bill Lancaster, pilote anglais renommé a disparu dans le désert lors d’une tentative de record de traversée entre Londres et Le Cap. Sa maîtresse, l’aventurière et aviatrice Marie Vallières de...

La Vie en Rose 0

La Vie en Rose

from Sunday Express:S (UK) / by Simon Button Since scooping an Oscar for her stellar performance as Edith Piaf, Marion Cotillard has become a megastar – just one of the things she’s tickled pink...