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New Project: Contagion 7

New Project: Contagion

Great news: Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Marion Cotillard have all signed on to join the starry cast ensemble of Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming sci-fi thriller ‘Contagion‘. The movie is based on a...

Marion Cotillard: Full Interview 0

Marion Cotillard: Full Interview

From / Transcript of interview on the Tavis Smiley Show While she’s been a familiar face in Europe since her ’93 debut, Marion Cotillard hit Hollywood’s limelight in ’06 with her first major...

2010 Golden Globe Awards 1

2010 Golden Globe Awards

Meryl Streep won for her role in Julie & Julia in the category Marion Cotillard was nominated. While you’re waiting to get the proper Magnifique Marion Cotillard update about tonight’s Golden Globe Awards check...

Audio Clips are back! 6

Audio Clips are back!

You may have noticed in the last post that the audio clips section – which used to be in the old video archive – are back! I continued working on it today and now...

The Eyes of Mars 1

The Eyes of Mars

Finally the new song written by Franz Ferdinand and performed by Marion Cotillard has been put up at It’s called ‘The Eyes of Mars‘ and Marion’s voice is stunning! You can also listen...