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Missing 2009 Scans 12

Missing 2009 Scans

Trying to make the best of a free weekend and the calm before the release of ‘Midnight in Paris‘ I scanned all the 2009 publications featuring Marion Cotillard I had at home that hadn’t...

I would love to live a double life 0

I would love to live a double life

Originally published in Madame Figaro (France), written by Richard Gianorio translated by Oliver.G.Byrne MF: How are you feeling right now? MC: I don’t know a word that hasn’t been used a million time, absolute...

Madame Figaro Scans 1

Madame Figaro Scans

I picked up the new Madame Figaro issue today and added scans of the Marion Cotillard feature. But there’s more – she was picked by the magazine as one of the 40 women who’re...

French Fancy 0

French Fancy

from Total Film (UK) / by Jonathan Crocker The star of this month’s Little White Lies is France’s most alluring export, hopscotching between mindblowing Hollywood blockbusters and Oscar-winning Euro dramas. How did Marion Cotillard...

First 'Midnight in Paris' Still 0

First 'Midnight in Paris' Still

Many thanks to Lindsey for sending in the first still from ‘Midnight in Paris‘ featuring Marion Cotillard. The movie will open the Cannes Film Festival next month. 001 Midnight in Paris (2011) > Stills

Woody Allen about who's coming to Cannes 7

Woody Allen about who's coming to Cannes

Le Journal du Dimanche asked Woody Allen yesterday about who of the ladies from ‘Midnight in Paris‘ are to be expected at the Cannes Film Festival. Rachel McAdams is coming but it he doesn’t...

Marion Cotillard 0

Marion Cotillard

from / by Zara Miller (full version of the interview on which the article published in their March/April issue is based) The French actress talks about returning to her roots for her latest...