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Marion Cotillard 0

Marion Cotillard

from Dazed & Confused / by Carmen Gray The Oscar-winner on the French Riviera drama directed by her partner The sudden global fame of winning an Academy Award for her raw portrayal of French...

Why we love Marion Cotillard 0

Why we love Marion Cotillard

from GQ (UK) / by Stuart McGurk Here’s Marion Cotillard – Oscar-winning actress, Dior model and activist – on, well… you decide: “We live on earth, have jobs and interact in society,” she said...

An Interview with Marion Cotillard 0

An Interview with Marion Cotillard

from Little White Lies Press Kit Guillaume always has plenty of ideas and stories that he’d like to make into movies. He’d been mulling over a film about a group of friends, and more...

New interview from Sunday Times 6

New interview from Sunday Times

Yesterday’s Sunday Times featured a brand-new insightful interview with Marion Cotillard in their Style section, again to promote the upcoming theatrical release of ‘Little White Lies‘ in the UK. Thank you Lorna for sending...

Truly, madly, deeply 0

Truly, madly, deeply

from The Sunday Times – Style (UK) / by Jessica Brinton With an Oscar for La Vie en Rose and a blockbuster turn in Inception, Marion Cotillard has conquered Hollywood. Now she’s coming home...