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Maid Marion

from The Post and Courier (US) / by Bill Thompson

Expect to see a lot more of young French actress Marion Cotillard (Tim Burton’s “Big Fish”) in the near future, what with two high-profile projects en route to our shores.

First she stars as the legendary chanteuse Edith Piaf in Oliver Dahan’s “La Vie En Rose,” followed by the lead in Ridley Scott’s just-finished “A Good Year,” based on novelist (and nonfiction writer) Peter Mayle’s tale of Provence.

Cotillard, 30, stars in the latter as the owner of a restaurant who draws the attention of British expatriate Max Skinner (Russell Crowe).

Established French stars Audrey Tautou, Eva Green and Emmanuelle Beart could be looking over their collective shoulders at the new competition, provided Cotillard doesn’t chuck the whole movie business to make her part-time work for Greenpeace a full-time endeavor.

Site Opening

Welcome to my little tribute page for Marion Cotillard. I’m very excited about her at the moment. I’ll keep this page really small – she has such a huge body of work that I couldn’t possibly keep up with it on a large scale. Feedback and contributions etc is very welcome! There’s still a little problem with my site host. Until then – no gallery. But it shouldn’t take too long and you’ll be able to enjoy pictures of Marion Cotillard as well!

La Clé

According to CinemaPassion.Com Marion Cotillard will star in Guillaume Nicloux’s next film ‘La Clé‘. It will be the final piece of a trilogy that include ‘A Private Affair‘ (Une affaire privée), which also starred Marion Cotillard, and ‘Hanging Offense‘ (Cette femme-là). Emma de Caunes, Guillaume Canet, Thierry Lhermitte, Josiane Balasko and Jean Rochefort are also part of the cast. The story follows a young man who starts a search for his father who disappeared. On his quest he encounters numerous characters.

Also in the news: Marion Cotillard isn’t part of the cast for ‘Taxi 4‘, which started shooting last month.

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