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I have finally managed to get to the cinema and see ‘La Môme’ last week. I have seen almost every film (that’s available on DVD) with Marion Cotillard. I’ve been amazed by her performances many a time. However, I couldn’t describe her latest performance better than Variety did: “Versatile, always spot-on thesp Marion Cotillard surpasses herself.” She’s simply perfect! Although one recognizes Marion she is completely transformed and not once wavers in being Edith Piaf.

The film itself is something else of course. Well, it looks beautiful and the sound and colour on the big screen are not to be missed. But for someone like myself who is not familiar with the life of Edith Piaf, it is too confusing. One leaves the cinema with an idea who she was as a person but without a clear picture of her life.

Marion in Quebec

La Vie en rose will open in wide release in Quebec (Canada) on Friday, March 16. Both original French and English subtitled versions will be distributed. Before that a premiere will be held on March 13 at 7 p.m. at the Cinéma Impérial with Marion Cotillard in attendance.

The news report announcing this also reports that the standing ovation the film received in Berlin lasted over 15(!) minutes.

‘La Vie en Rose’ in NY

Unfortunately, Marion Cotillard did not win a Silver Bear for Best Actress in Berlin – even though most journalists and critics predicted it.

There’s a chance to see for yourself how good Marion is as Edith Piaf: ‘La Vie en Rose’ screens tonight in New York. Here’s the quote from the official site of the event Rendez-Vous with French Cinema 2007 (February 28 – March 11, 2007)
“Each March, New Yorkers have the chance to savor the newest flavors and try out the latest fashions featured on Parisian screens with Rendez-Vous with French Cinema. Now in its 12th year, Rendez-Vous opens on Feb. 28 with an American premiere—direct from the Berlin Film Festival: Olivier Dahan’s fascinating portrait of Edith Piaf, La Vie en Rose. Graced with a mesmerizing performance by Marion Cotillard, La Vie en Rose is a worthy tribute and a compassionate look at one of France’s greatest cultural icons.”

Unfortunately, all tickets are sold out. A limited number of tickets may become available prior to showtime.

Massive gallery update

Today ‘La Môme’ opens in French-speaking regions. To celebrate the release I scanned all the latest Marion magazines appearances (at least all that I know of) and there are also some other goodies for you. A HUGE thank you goes once again to my friend Mariana for her contributions!!

017 ‘La Môme’ – Teaser Trailer
095 ‘La Môme’ – Trailer
003 ‘La Môme’ – Artwork
007 Glamour (France), March 2007
004 Biba (France), March 2007
003 Femina (France), February 4, 2007
005 Ciné Live (France), February 2007
015 Studio (France), February 2007
006 Premiere France, February 2007
009 Paris ‘La Môme’ Premiere, February 12, 2007
010 Lille ‘La Môme’ Premiere, February 2, 2007

Standing Ovations for ‘La Môme’

I’ve just read through today’s online press covering last night’s premiere of ‘La Môme’. German journalists reported that it got standing ovations. Some loved the emotional portrayal of tragic French singer Edith Piaf. Others didn’t. But everyone loved Marion Cotillard’s performance. One newspaper compared her transformation as the French singer to Charlize Theron’s performance in ‘Monster’ – that got her the Golden Bear in Berlin. Similar Predictions for Marion Cotillard are not rare.

Marion also got praise from the industry’s leading paper Variety (click for full film review): “Versatile, always spot-on thesp Marion Cotillard surpasses herself as the waiflike French songbird whose personal traumas fueled her art. Cotillard nails the assignment, portraying Piaf at 20 to Piaf on her deathbed with a range of gestures, her trademark posture, and a core of eternal hurt melded with ferocious pride. She embodies Piaf’s raspy speaking voice, her imperious street-wise attitude, her simple joy at being lionized by other celebs, and the taste of artistic triumph mixed with the constant hum of genuine tragedy.” Continue reading

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