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We have just updated the gallery with over one hundred outtakes of many photoshoots. Now, we know that everyone hates tags, but these are tagged because we paid a lot for these out of our pocket to be able to share them with you, and we want to make sure they belong to the website. We will not be tagging every other photo, and other outtakes will go untagged unless we actually have had to pay a large sum for them as was the case with these photos. We hope you’re still thrilled to see them as we are to share them with you.

003 Sessions from 2015 > Madame Figaro – October
002 Sessions from 2015 > Madame Figaro – February
003 Sessions from 2015 > Porter
005 Sessions from 2014 > Variety Actors on Actors
010 Sessions from 2014 > Elle
001 Sessions from 2013 > Madame Figaro
006 Sessions from 2013 >Elle US
019 Sessions from 2012 > Elle
020 Sessions from 2009 > GQ
024 Sessions from 2006 > Femina
003 Sessions from 2005 > The New York Times
003 Sessions from 2004 > VSD

Note: we have been getting some e-mails with questions regarding Marion’s private life and whether we are affiliated with the tumblr account @MarionCotillardNews. Please stop sending us questions about Marion Cotillard’s life as we are not here to discuss anything other than her inspiring work, and we are also in no way affiliated with that account. The posts on that account represent the views of the poster and are not, to our knowledge, based on any official sources.


Lots of new material coming soon

Hi guys, just a quick apology for the lack of updates, it’s been a busy time with the holidays and beginning of the year but I have a lot to add to the site including articles, scans and high quality photos of recent events as well as news so check back soon! Hope everyone had a great holiday and happy 2016!

Marion at the British Independent Film Awards

Marion was in London yesterday to attend The Moet British Independent Film Awards. She was nominated in the leading actress category for her role in Macbeth. Sadly she didn’t win, but it was great to see her attend an award show and see her nominated along other great actresses. She looked lovely in a Christian Dior gown. I have added several photos to the gallery. Enjoy.

043 Public Appearances > 2015 > The Moet British Independent Film Awards

Marion Cotillard is promoting Macbeth in the United States

Macbeth has finally opened in the United States and Marion has flown to Los Angeles this week to promote the film. On December 3rd, Marion attended a special screening for the film sponsored by the Screen Actors Guild and talked to the audience about her experience. She also attended a press conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Photos of both events are now in the gallery.

She also did an interview for Flicks Plus which you can watch below.

Marion will stay in Los Angeles a bit longer as she has several appearances scheduled. Keep an eye out for the following:

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Tuesday, December 8
The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Wednesday, December 9
AOL Build Marion Cotillard New Film: “Macbeth”, Wednesday, December 9

It’s great to see Marion promoting the film in the States! Hopefully she’ll get a few nods for awards next year!

020 Public Appearances > Macbeth Press Conference
005 Public Appearances > Macbeth Screening

Marion Cotillard on designing jewellery for Chopard

Last month, Robb Report Singapore posted a short interview with Marion Cotillard on her recent collaboration with Chopard. Marion designed sustainable jewellery for the famous brand earlier this year. You can read the interview below and check the stunning high quality photos in the gallery.


Newly 40 (and just as fresh-faced as when her career began in 1993), the beautiful Marion Cotillard is a jack-of-all-trades, master of every one. She is an actor, singer-songwriter who plays four different instruments, a mother, environmentalist, activist and, most recently, jewellery designer. Cotillard has teamed with artistic director and co-president of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, on a range of high-end sustainable jewellery — the aptly named Green Carpet Collection. In an exclusive interview, she sits down with us to share her views on fashion and design.

Did you ever imagine that you would become involved in designing jewellery? Was it one of your childhood daydreams?
Not at all. When Caroline Scheufele suggested that I design a piece of jewellery, I thought it was an excellent way of supporting Chopard’s ethical commitment, but I would never have imagined that such a thing would happen! I don’t really do much design work. When I have done do in the past, it has always been in response to requests from humanitarian organisations for very specific projects.

Were you given carte blanche?
No, there were definite specifications. I had to use small diamonds as well as opals that were sustainably mined from a family-owned mine in Australia. So I had access to traceable stones. I immediately thought of a piece of jewellery for the hand, a bracelet connected to a chain and a ring — I don’t really know why. When I saw the finished product it was exactly what I had in mind.

Have you had different style periods in your life?
Yes. Like everyone, I tried different things when I was at school. I remember going to class one day wearing a shiny blue leotard and an orange cardigan with black spots. It was completely off the wall! And yet, I have never been eccentric. I couldn’t say with any degree of certainty if I have a particular style, except maybe the notion of a mixture of genres and a somewhat masculine edge with regard to my everyday wear.

Who are your favourite designers?
I have always loved Vivienne Westwood, both for the impression she makes and her views. I adore Hussein Chalayan and Valentino — the things they make are magnificent. But I am not an expert when it comes to fashion; I don’t keep up with it and I never watch shows. And I have the great good fortune to work with Dior and Raf Simons.

If you had to name a female role model who you find beautiful, who would it be?
Julianne Moore. I think she has incredible class and humanity.


I have also added two new photos to the 2009 shoot for Madame Figaro by Bruno Dayan.

005 Portraits>2015>Chopard
002 Portraits>2009>Madame Figaro

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