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Le Grand Journal in Cannes 0

Le Grand Journal in Cannes

Translated by Mia Transcript (translated) of Marion Cotillard’s TV interview “Le grand journal” in Cannes She received a Best Actress Oscar for “La Vie en Rose” in 2008, she’s Hollywood’s favourite French star, she’s...

More information about 'Les Petits Mouchoirs' 0

More information about 'Les Petits Mouchoirs'

Apart from the fact that Marion’s multiple former co-star (Love Me If You Dare and The Last Flight) and boyfriend Guillaume Canet is the script author and director of her new movie Les Petits...

Chopard Trophy Ceremony today 3

Chopard Trophy Ceremony today

The reason why Marion Cotillard will be making an official appearance at the Cannes Film Festival today is because she’s to present at the Chopard Trophy Ceremony at the Martinez Hotel tonight. She herself...

Cotillard on a Tear 0

Cotillard on a Tear

from Hollywood.Com / by Nancy Ever wonder what an Oscar winner dresses up as for Halloween? France’s Marion Cotillard, who took home the best actress Academy Award for 2007’s “La Vie En Rose,” says...

Marion arrived at Cannes today 2

Marion arrived at Cannes today

According to various reports as well as the official festival website Marion Cotillard arrived at the Cannes Film Festival today. She was spotted wearing a pink dress. Hopefully, we’ll also get pictures soon. Marion...

Marion Cotillard la divine 0

Marion Cotillard la divine

de Elle / par Edouard Dutour La superstar de la Croisette, c’est elle ! Tout réussit à Marion Cotillard : Hollywood se l’arrache, elle est amoureuse et Dior l’a consacrée égérie. Elle s’est livrée...

'Nine' Trailer released!! 2

'Nine' Trailer released!!

Marion-related material & information just doesn’t stop coming in these days, eh? Well, I’m not complaining! You can view the brand new trailer for Marion’s upcoming musical ‘Nine‘ on Video link: 01 ‘Nine’...

Lady Dior in Paris Match 0

Lady Dior in Paris Match

French weekly magazine Paris Match (issue May 7-13) dedicated 6 pages to Marion Cotillard’s part in the Lady Dior campaign, especially in the upcoming (May 20) short film “The Lady Noire Affair. Read the...

Marion Cotillard, la môme Dior 0

Marion Cotillard, la môme Dior

de Paris Match / par Marie Adam-Affortit Oscarisée pour son interprétation de Piaf, elle devient aujourd’hui une héroïne hitchcockienne pour le symbole du luxe français. Et voit la vie en rose. C’est une certaine...

The Lady Noire Affair 1

The Lady Noire Affair

Here’s the first proper teaser of the Lady Dior shortfilm/promo called ‘The Lady Noire Affair‘ directed by ‘La Vie en Rose‘ director Olivier Dahan: