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Jan 2009
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Originally published in Madame Figaro (France), January 10-16, 2009 translated by Ioana World champion in the leading actress category ! Last year, “La Mome” won all the awards, Oscar included. Since then, Hollywood rolls out the red carpet at her feet and she’s worked with Johnny Depp and Daniel Day-Lewis. During a short stay in Paris, our French star humbly opened her heart to “Madame Figaro”. The windows of the

Sep 2008
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* pun w/th “rebelle” – rebel – and “belle” – pretty- Originally published in Néoplanète (France) – September/October 2008 translated by Mina Cotillard like you’ve never seen her before! There’s Cotillard the actress, who turns somebody’s head from Paris to Hollywood. There’s also Marion the commited, for bio food, fair trade, environment. Without fuzz, it’s fresh, it’s true. And she regrets nothing! You’re known to be one of the most

Jul 2008
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originally published in French Psychologies, July/August 2008 translated by Mariana, Anthony and Ioana Since winning an Oscar for “La Vie En Rose”, she has been propelled to the Top Ten of world stars. But hasn’t given any interviews. For Psychologies, she agreed to speak about her new life, her commitments and the traps that come with fame. A meeting in Chicago with a young woman who isn’t singing her own

Mar 2008
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originally published in French Premiere, March 2008 translated by Mariana An Oscar? A César? Marion Cotillard is our star. Ever since Olivier Dahan chose her to incarnate Édith Piaf, Première was there.. We went with her to Prague on the set of La Môme, we witnessed her metamorphosis and we followed her new vie en rose across the world. Those who crossed her path since her debuts confide to us…

Sep 2007
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originally published in Paris Match translation by Delsa After France and the United States also Japan is applauding her interpretation of Edith Piaf. Accolades that push the young French woman to the doors of Hollywood. Currently part of a global promotion tour for La Vie En Rose, directed by Olivier Dahan, Marion Cotillard won the hearts of the Japanese who have known her since her appearance as Lili in Taxi,