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May 2011
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Originally published in L’Express Styles (France), written by Paola Genone translated by Oliver.G.Byrne EX: In Midnight in Paris you are playing the beautiful Adriana, a muse of famous painters, who takes an American writer, Gil (Owen Wilson), with a case of writers block into her mysterious universe. What aspects of the role interested you and how was the experience of shooting this film? MC: Adriana is a timeless woman. She’s

May 2011
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Originally published in Madame Figaro (France), written by Richard Gianorio translated by Oliver.G.Byrne MF: How are you feeling right now? MC: I don’t know a word that hasn’t been used a million time, absolute joy. I have never been so in peace (zen). There is my pregnancy of course but also the fact that I’m rediscovering Paris and that I get to see all my friends after cruising around the

May 2009
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Translated by Mia Transcript (translated) of Marion Cotillard’s TV interview “Le grand journal” in Cannes She received a Best Actress Oscar for “La Vie en Rose” in 2008, she’s Hollywood’s favourite French star, she’s just finished shooting films with Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Daniel Day-Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and soon also with Leonardo DiCaprio, this is her first TV interview since the Oscars, here’s Marion Cotillard. Le Grand Journal:

Feb 2009
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Originally published in Elle (France), February 21, 2009 translated by Ioana Dear Readers, We have great powers. We have the power to destroy unknowingly, to provoke and guarantee our environment’s destruction, and, thus, our own. But then, we also have the power to stop this destruction, to preserve life, to see what’s going on in front of us, a few steps away. We have the power to take responsibility for

Feb 2009
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Originally published in Studio Ciné Live (France), February 2009 translated by Ioana She will soon be seen in Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies” and in Rob Marshall’s musical, “Nine“. In the meantime, we asked the heroine from “La Môme“, for which she was awarded a César and an Oscar, to reveal herself, so we could retrace the last two crazy years, and talk about her future. An improvised conversation, with no