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English translations of articles & interviews with Marion Cotillard

All translations were done especially for Magnifique Marion Cotillard. This collection is the result of hard labour so please don’t copy. Thanks!

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Marion Cotillard, body and soul

In honour of Marion Cotillard’s birthday, portuguese magazine Maxima dedicated an article to the actress this month. While the photos are completely new to me (and stunning!), the article was featured earlier this year in Madame Figaro. You can find it under French Press on the site. I have translated it for you here. The scans are now in the gallery.

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Marion Cotillard

originally published in French Premiere, March 2008 translated by Mariana An Oscar? A César? Marion Cotillard is our star. Ever since Olivier Dahan chose her to incarnate Édith Piaf, Première was there.. We went...

I’m more and more honest with myself 0

I’m more and more honest with myself

originally published in French Psychologies, July/August 2008 translated by Mariana, Anthony and Ioana Since winning an Oscar for “La Vie En Rose”, she has been propelled to the Top Ten of world stars. But...

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Marion la Re(Belle)*

* pun w/th “rebelle” – rebel – and “belle” – pretty- Originally published in Néoplanète (France) – September/October 2008 translated by Mina Cotillard like you’ve never seen her before! There’s Cotillard the actress, who...

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Marion Cotillard, World Champion

Originally published in Madame Figaro (France), January 10-16, 2009 translated by Ioana World champion in the leading actress category ! Last year, “La Mome” won all the awards, Oscar included. Since then, Hollywood rolls...

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Marion Cotillard – No Promo Required

Originally published in Studio Ciné Live (France), February 2009 translated by Ioana She will soon be seen in Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies” and in Rob Marshall’s musical, “Nine“. In the meantime, we asked the...

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Editorial by Marion Cotillard

Originally published in Elle (France), February 21, 2009 translated by Ioana Dear Readers, We have great powers. We have the power to destroy unknowingly, to provoke and guarantee our environment’s destruction, and, thus, our...

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Le Grand Journal in Cannes

Translated by Mia Transcript (translated) of Marion Cotillard’s TV interview “Le grand journal” in Cannes She received a Best Actress Oscar for “La Vie en Rose” in 2008, she’s Hollywood’s favourite French star, she’s...

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I would love to live a double life

Originally published in Madame Figaro (France), written by Richard Gianorio translated by Oliver.G.Byrne MF: How are you feeling right now? MC: I don’t know a word that hasn’t been used a million time, absolute...