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Sep 2013
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After exclusively bringing the news that Marion Cotillard would lead the next drama from Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, we managed to catch up with the duo to find out where, production-wise, they find themselves, and what any plans might be for a release. One need only look at previous productions to see they’re very secretive, but we were able to secure a few details.

Oct 2012
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from BBC News (UK) / by Tim Masters Some reviews of French film Rust and Bone have been accused of giving too much away. As this and new 007 adventure Skyfall hit cinemas, how easily can film-goers avoid the dreaded spoiler? SPOILER ALERT! Do not read further if you do not wish to know about the plot of Rust and Bone. When Rust and Bone was unveiled at the Cannes

Sep 2012
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FROM THE FILMMAKERS In Craig Davidson’s gripping short story collection Rust and Bone, individual lives and destinies are blown out of proportion, intensified by drama and accident. The stories depict a harsh modern world where fighting is the way the physical self finds its place and escapes its fate. Ali and Stéphanie, our two characters, do not appear in the short stories; we took ideas from Craig Davidson’s stories as

Sep 2012
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from CBS Detroit (US) / by Karen McDevitt After only the first day, the Toronto International Film Festival is in full swing. Exclusive parties (and scuttlebutt about them) abound, including one for which, apparently, even the furniture was flown in from France. As for the films, last night’s premiere of Jacques Audiard’s “Rust and Bone” did not disappoint. Well, let me rephrase that a bit. The Elgin Theatre (I was

Apr 2012
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de Libération / par Jordan Mintzer Lupanar. Reportage exclusif sur le tournage du nouveau film de James Gray, avec Joaquin Phoenix et Marion Cotillard. Odyssée dans le New York des années 20. Dans ce vibrant quartier du Queens, à seulement quelques stations de métro du centre de Manhattan, ce qui était autrefois l’un des bastions de l’immigration grecque a drastiquement changé ces dernières années. Les échoppes à souvlakis et autres églises