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There Will Be Oscars 0

There Will Be Oscars

from Newsweek / by David Ansen At least we think there will be, which is why we collected these likely acting nominees for our 11th Oscar roundtable. They’re a lot of fun, and they’ve...

A bird in the hand 0

A bird in the hand

from The Sunday Times (UK) / by Demetrios Matheou It’s the role a French actress would kill for — that of national heroine and Little Sparrow Edith Piaf. But Marion Cotillard has never shrunk...

Self-made Marion 0

Self-made Marion

from You Magazine (UK) / by Maureen Paton Just when I’m thinking how unfair it is that Marion Cotillard should look so cute in a jaunty straw fedora, she whips off her hat to...