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France 2 interview

As I mentioned in one of my recent updates Marion Cotillard was interviewed on French TV last Monday night. France 2 aired the ‘Live from USA’ interview about her Golden Globe win and introduced it with a nice little overview of Marion’s career. Thanks to Paolo we have HQ screencaptures in the gallery and a down-sized video for you to download. Many many thanks!

While I thought it was especially nice to once again see an interview in French – Marion’s native language – it might be difficult for some to understand. In that case watch a video about the Golden Globe winners over at Access Hollywood – Marion is featured in it as well. Thanks to Marion Cotillard’s Road to Oscar for the find.

113 Live from USA – 2008
001 Video – News segments etc > 2008


Recent Public Appearances

We did not get the usual Golden Globes picture & video galore – for obvious reasons – but I could not resist adding 2 pictures of the screen & a video from the moment when Marion Cotillard’s name was read at the Press Conference. I also took the time to update the gallery with Marion’s other recent public appearances – as well as 3 exciting videos. Many thanks Mariana and Sara Amelia for your help with some of the pictures!

As for the request for the VH1 red carpet interview: see screencaptures over at Marion Cotillard’s Road to Oscar and if you’re in the States (which I’m not 🙁 ) watch the video here. You’re still very welcome to send in a proper file of that interview as well as the Craig Ferguson talk show appearance and in fact any other interview/video with Marion you might come across. Myself and the rest of the site’s visitors will definitely be very grateful!

If you encounter some difficulties with the site it is probably due to the massive increase of new visitors! I truly hope the site won’t crash! Thank you for your patience already.

046 13th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards
017 Picturehouse Hosts Pre-Golden Globe Dinner for Marion Cotillard
118 The 33rd Annual Los Angeles Film Critics
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New Video Archive

For some time I’ve been very unhappy with the script I had been using for the site’s video archive. I’ve now installed the ever-so-fantastic Coppermine and with help from Ally it should integrate well into the overall site layout. Many thanks!

I’ve been working hard to bring you all the previously available videos plus more. I’m still not done adding all the stuff I have but please bare with me. Many thanks to Paolo for some contributions!

Most noteworthy are probably the additions in the following folders:
Ma vie en l’air (Love is in the Air) – 2005 – English Trailer
Les Jolies choses (Pretty Things) – 2001 – Film clips + full Lucie. F. clip
Talk Shows – 2005 – Vivement Dimanche with Monica Bellucci
TV Shows – Hommage a Piaf, February 10, 2007
Interviews – interviews of Marion Cotillard promoting A Good Year and La Vie en Rose
Public Appearances – 2007 – various clips, incl. the (dubbed) acceptance speech at the Hollywood Awards
Other – various clips, incl. a fantastic interview called Screentest by the New York Times T Magazine – I came across it when watching a previous edition featuring Natalie Portman

NRJ Awards Goodies

Better late than never. I have finally managed to add more media from Marion Cotillard’s appearance at the NRJ Awards on October 1 in Paris, France. Always helpful Paolo recorded the show and sent me the Marion parts. She went up on stage 3 times: to collect the award for Best Look (how sweet that she pulled La Môme-makeup artist on stage to share the award with him) and Frenchie of the Year and together with the La Môme troupe when the film won Top of the Box Office.

I’ve added HQ screencaptures and a smaller version of the video Paolo sent in.

Paris Match

However exciting English Marion Cotillard features are they are still in most cases more or less recycling known facts & pictures. But, guess what I found today at the newsstand? The latest issue of Paris Match (September 13-19) has an amazing article on Marion Cotillard.

Although La Vie en Rose yet has to come to South America Marion Cotillard finished her 6-month promotion tour for the film at the end of August in Japan. She spent 6 days at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo (Lost in Translation anyone?) and apart from attending the Press Conference (which we have pics from) she also 50 interviews, posed for fans in the streets (who know her from Taxi) or sometimes even helped preparing sushi. Paris Match accompanied her and that’s what the article is about. I’ve added the scans and you can watch behind-the-scenes photos in a video on their website or download it from the Video Vault.

I can’t wait to see the pictures she was posing for during this stay in Japan. Or videos of her interviews – e.g the one where the journalist started singing a Piaf song and asked Marion to dance. If you come across any of them can you please share them with us? That’d be amazing!

009 Paris Match (France) – September 13-19, 2007
042 Behind the Scenes > 2007 – Paris Match

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