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Trailer screencaps & more

I’ve added these promised ‘A Good Year’ Trailer screencaps. And also some great contributions from Riikka. Many thanks!!

20 A Good Year – Screencaptures > Trailer
04 A Good Year – On Set
07 Edy Premiere, Paris
14 Reopening of Kenzo Boutique

Trailer for ‘A Good Year’

The trailer for ‘A Good Year’ is here! Go to The Moviebox to watch it. Marion looks great and I think this may be a good romantic film. I’ll get captures soon.

Plot: Based on the novel by Peter Mayle, Crowe stars as English businessman Max Skinner. After inheriting a remote vineyard from his late uncle, Max re-locates in an effort to sell the land. However, while there, he meets a beautiful American woman (Marion Cotillard) who also claims to own the property.

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Gallery update

I’ve added some new captures to the gallery:

012 Ma Vie En L’Air – DVD Screencaptures > Behind the Scenes
042 Ma Vie En L’Air – DVD Screencaptures > Deleted Scenes
127 Ma Vie En L’Air – DVD Screencaptures > Making Of
007 Innocence – DVD Screencaptures > Behind the Scenes
179 Innocence – DVD Screencaptures
371 Les Jolies Choses – DVD Screencaptures > Making Of
278Les Jolies Choses – DVD Screencaptures > Interview 1
238Les Jolies Choses – DVD Screencaptures > Interview 2
050 Les Jolies Choses – Screencaptures > Trailer
003 Le Marquis – Screencaptures

Gallery open

The Gallery is open now! VISIT. Thanks to Kathy for some contributions!

Site Opening

Welcome to my little tribute page for Marion Cotillard. I’m very excited about her at the moment. I’ll keep this page really small – she has such a huge body of work that I couldn’t possibly keep up with it on a large scale. Feedback and contributions etc is very welcome! There’s still a little problem with my site host. Until then – no gallery. But it shouldn’t take too long and you’ll be able to enjoy pictures of Marion Cotillard as well!

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