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‘Les Fantômes d’Ismael’ Premiere in Cannes


Yesterday, May 17, Arnaud Desplechin’s new film, Les Fantômes d’Ismael, opened the 70th edition of the Festival de Cannes. The film was met with both negative and positive reviews and is also now showing across France. Marion attended all the usual events throughout the day: The film’s photocall in the early afternoon, where she wore a design by Y/Project Fall 2017, the press conference right after the photocall, the film’s premiere in the evening, wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Couture, and the Opening Gala Dinner, this time dressed in Channel Resort 2018. She has also given numerous interviews which I will try to gather up and post to the video gallery as soon as I can.

I have added hundreds of high quality images from this event to the gallery so be sure to check them out. I’ll be adding more to each gallery as I find them.

027 Events in 2017 > Arriving at Nice’s airport
189 Events in 2017 > ‘Les Fantômes d’Ismael’ Photocall
015 Events in 2017 > ‘Les Fantômes d’Ismael’ Press Conference
136 Events in 2017 > ‘Les Fantômes d’Ismael’ Premiere
029 Events in 2017 > Opening Gala Dinner

Marion Cotillard on Stupéfiant, Cannes and other updates

As Arnaud Desplechin’s new film Les Fantômes d’Ismael opens the Cannes Film Festival today and is now showing everywhere in France, I have updated the video area and gallery with Marion’s interview on France 2’s Stupéfiant – a 20 minute personal interview with the actress where she discusses her career choices and some of the directors she’s worked with -, a few photos of Marion’s arrival in Cannes yesterday, a few stills from the new film and some events I had not yet had the opportunity to add to the gallery.

On top of that, we have a new design, which I hope you guys like as much as I do.

I’m going to keep updating the site with Marion’s appearance in Cannes today so keep checking back!

336 Specials > Stupéfiant (France 2) – 15/05/2017
012 Events in 2017 > Arriving at Nice airport
005 Events in 2017 > Diner du Cinéma Madame Figaro
001 Les Fantômes d’Ismael > Stills
001 Les Fantömes d’Ismael > On Set

Stupéfiant (France 2) – 15/05/2017

Marion Cotillard gives birth to second child with Guillaume Canet

Great news guys! Marion gave birth to a baby girl on March the 10th and she’s now a mother of two! gave the news, you can find more details here. It seems that both mother and daughter are fine, and we’d like to offer our congratulations to the new member of the Cotillard/Canet family!

Welcome to the world, Louise! 

‘Rock n Roll’ Premiere in Paris

009.jpg 023.jpg 042.jpg 075.jpg 078.jpg
Last night was the Parisian premiere of Guillaume Canet’s new comedy Rock n Roll. The premiere, which took place at the Pathé Beaugrenelle cinema in the south of Paris, also marks the end of the Rock n Roll tour in France, which has taken the director and actors across the country to promote the film through special screenings. Although Marion has not been present to all of the screenings, she made an appearance last night, along many other of the film’s cast and crew, wearing a Filles à Papa outfit. You can check the high quality photos of the event in the gallery!

089 Events in 2017 > ‘Rock n Roll’ Premiere in Paris

Photoshoots gallery update

004.jpg 005.jpg 008.jpg 003.jpg 005.jpg 010.jpg 001.jpg 005.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg 007.jpg 007.jpg 002.jpg 005.jpg 001.jpg 002.jpg 002.jpg 005.jpg 005.jpg 002.jpg 007.jpg 003.jpg 039.jpg 015.jpg 001.jpg 004.jpg 002.jpg 001.jpg 005.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg 001.jpg 004.jpg

I have finally managed to add the missing portraits to the gallery and complete several sets of photoshoots. I have added shoots dating back to 2001 and up until this year so be sure to check them out. Thank you so much to Sairentu for finding a lot of these and sending them to me so I could add them to website!

I have also replaced low resolution photos for better ones in several photoshoots so if you are fond of a particular shoot, be sure to re check as they might be in better quality now.

Note: A few of these are tagged due to the high price I paid for them.

004 Sessions from 2017 > La Parisienne
005 Sessions from 2017 > Madame Figaro
005 Sessions from 2017 > Vanity Fair Italia
001 Sessions from 2017 > W Magazine
006 Sessions from 2016 > Elle France
006 Sessions from 2016 > Grazia France
002 Sessions from 2016 > L’Express Styles
001 Sessions from 2016 > Madame Figaro Cannes
004 Sessions from 2016 > Set 001
004 Sessions from 2016 > Studio Ciné Live
002 Sessions from 2016 > Telerama
002 Sessions from 2016 > Twentieth Century Fox
007 Sessions from 2016 > Vogue
001 Sessions from 2015 > Chopard for Cannes
001 Sessions from 2014 > Cannes Set 004
001 Sessions from 2014 > Grazia
001 Sessions from 2014 > L’Express Styles
006 Sessions from 2014 > SNC
002 Sessions from 2014 > Set 001
003 Sessions from 2014 > Variety
001 Sessions from 2013 > Femina
001 Sessions from 2013 > Set 001
001 Sessions from 2012 > Marie Claire
005 Sessions from 2012 > Set 001
002 Sessions from 2012 > Set 002
001 Sessions from 2012 > New York Times
001 Sessions from 2012 > Vogue
003 Sessions from 2011 > Madame Figaro
003 Sessions from 2010 > Paris Match
004 Sessions from 2009 > Telegraph Magazine
002 Sessions from 2008 > Vogue Italy
001 Sessions from 2005 > Studio Ciné Live
001 Sessions from 2001 > Une femme Piegée promo

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