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The Making of the Hitchcock Portfolio

Many thanks to Riikka – who runs a website for fellow ‘Hitchcock’ star Scarlett Johansson – about the heads-up to this interesting Making Of video clip of the afore-mentioned Vanity Fair issue: Watch Marion Cotillard acting out a scene from Psycho.

She also sent in screencaptures. Many thanks! I so can’t wait for this issue to hit newsstands!

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Marion Cotillard: Best of 2007

Welcome to 2008! We would like to spend the first day of the new year looking back on 2007. What a year for Marion Cotillard! Promotion for La Vie en Rose in France started in January, the film had its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February and then continued to be released in one country after another. Marion Cotillard accompanied the promotion team around the globe. Final stop was Japan – she only skipped the South America tour. Afterwards she started to support Picturehouse‘s awards campaign. We’ve been treated to some amazing news & picture coverage meanwhile and let’s all hope when the Oscar nominations will be announced next month Marion’s name will be among them!

Marion Cotillard: Best of 2007 (Read full story to see full list)

Compiled by the Magnifique Marion Cotillard staff. Please feel free to post your own choices here or at the forum. 😉 Idea inspired by our friends Riikka and Mycah.

Best news:
Both agree:
The countless awards and nominations. It’s great to see Marion Cotillard being recognized for her amazing performance in La Vie en Rose. She so deserves the international break-through!

Worst news:
Both agree:
The delay of the production for Nine – it will take forever until we get to see Marion in something new.

Favourite magazine cover:
Favourite magazine cover Favourite magazine cover
Maria: Simply a perfect cover! Continue reading

More quotes

I don’t know about you but I just love hearing what people from within the film industry say about their colleagues. So here some more quotes I found:

And Marion Cotillard in La Vie En Rose. I think that’s one of the most extraordinary performances I’ve ever seen.

by Keira Knightley, source

Diva expert Charles Busch has channeled everyone from Joan Crawford to Judy Garland into his plays, including Off Broadway’s current “Die Mommie Die!” He calls Edith Piaf one of his favorite femme icons.”I’m always leery to see a movie about someone I know a lot about,” Busch cautions, “but I was fascinated with ‘La Vie en rose.’ What fascinates people about Garland and Piaf is their fragility and their tragedy. With both of them, what we really respond to is this triumph of will, the fragile, wounded person who somehow belts out the huge note and survives another comeback. It’s an incredible movie with a brilliant performance from Marion Cotillard.”

by Charles Busch, source

Actors about Marion

It’s not only the general audience and jury panels that recognize Marion Cotillard’s outstanding performance in ‘La Vie en Rose’. Here are quotes from 2 actors I respect a lot:

“Not only did she craft a flawless impersonation of a famous personality, but Marion’s humanity elevated her performance to a devastatingly honest and yet seemingly effortless personification of integrity and grace. To me, this is more than just a great performance; it’s a document of this actress’s overwhelming ability to love.”

by Ryan Gosling, source, thanks Isis

“Marion Cotillard in “La Vie en rose” was absolutely astonishing, and the synthesis of the performance with the whole film is superb. As much as inhabiting Piaf, she was also creating a creature, and I thought that was astonishing and inspiring. One of the most remarkable things I’ve ever seen.”

by Cate Blanchett, source, thanks Road to Oscar


Magnifique Marion Cotillard has been hosting a forum ever since it’s re-opening. I was told and generally had the feeling myself it would be something Marion fans would appreciate. However, nobody beside me has posted anything yet. It now has a much better look thanks to Angelic and I sure hope you will head over and start posting! It’d be great to have discussions with fellow admirers of Marion Cotillard.


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