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Love for Marion

Mariana finished her translation of the many quotes of former coleagues of Marion Cotillard, as well as from friends, currently featured in French Première. Many thanks again! Read the full batch here

“Marion surprised me: she could have played in silent films. She has the simplicity and the openness that I expect from an actress. We shot Big Fish in Alabama – a special place, very crazy. In that kind of environment, it’s very important to work as a clan. The entire crew adored Marion.”
Tim Burton, director of Big Fish

Then, many thanks for US Premiere staff member Jenni Miller for the heads up on their Oscar coverage. They have a Marion interview up on their site, Up close with the Oscar Nominees.

And K found a quote by George Clooney, as featured in a recent interview with TIME Magazine:

The actor was also impressed by La Vie En Rose’s Marion Cotillard. “[She] does an old person trying to be young, instead of what everyone does – a young person trying to be old,” he says. “It’s a stunning performance.”

Remember to watch Canal+ if you live in France or else visit their website tonight at around 8.50pm European time for news of the César Awards. I can’t wait to see what happens!

Looking forward

2 days to go till the Césars are handed out – and only 4 days till the Oscars are here. What will the weekend bring for Marion Cotillard? 99.9% she’ll win a César. How many French awards are out there? She won at the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival, was awarded 2 NRJ awards by the French public and won the Prix Lumière. However, fellow César-nominee Cécile de France won Best Actress at the Globes de Cristal and Marion had to share the Etoile d’Or – handed out by French critics – with another fellow César-nominee: Isabelle Carré. La Môme – or as it’s known internationally La Vie en Rose – came to French cinemas more than a year ago. Could it be that the French have already forgotten Marion’s excellent performance? I dare say they haven’t. And how could Marion not win the biggest award in her home country when she’s winning major awards abroad?

As for the Oscar I am still hopeful. All the votes are in and being counted right now. Who will be named Best Actress? All the ‘insider’ publications and ‘movie buff’ blogs say it’s going to be either Julie Christie or Marion Cotillard. Whenever the general public has a say in it Ellen Page comes up as well. I seriously think Marion has a chance of winning Best Actress and it would be very well deserved. Out of the many articles about Oscar predictions you can read online you might want to check out this Reuters article (thanks Asia) that puts Marion in the spotlight.

Whatever happens this weekend I’m sure Marion will savour every minute of it! Surely no win or loss can improve or lessen her magnifique performance. She’s always been a talented actress and regardless of what Film Academies and the like have to say now she will always continue to shine!

See a scan from British Evening Standard magazine about Marion’s fashion style this season here . Remember that all the scans and many other pictures in the gallery are HQ – but only registered and logged-in visitors are able to see the full versions.

Thanks to Mariana from Eva Green Web you can read the first batch of those quotes from the current French Première magazine in English here. Many thanks!

Marion Cotillard – a sweetheart and a speleologist

I’m still working hard behind the scenes to give you the rest of the picture & video coverage of Marion Cotillard at the Bafta and London Film Critics Circle awards last week. In the meantime, enjoy a lovely interview over at Access Hollywood, recorded after the Oscar Luncheon.

[edit] The previously announced AMC Shootout interview is out: Watch the 2 parts: The Oscar Journey and Energy Creates Voice. Tune in February 15, 10.30pm for the full Oscar Nominee Special. [/edit]

Irish newspaper Rté calls Marion a sweetheart:

Marion Cotillard – a sweetheart, as bouncingly enthusiastic on the red carpet as she was during her acceptance speech later in the evening – and genuinely shocked to be there at all.

I added the article from this month’s Men’s Vogue to the press archive (scans coming soon):

I use the music. It helps me to go into certain emotions. But I don’t use my job as therapy. I feel more like an anthropologist of the inside of the human being, a speleologist!

Ever wondered where Marion’s fantastic red carpet style comes from? People asked her about it: “My French publicist, who is one of my best friends. He does all that stuff!”

Another article I’ve come across mentions Canadian musician Hawksley Workman (recently?) having spent “some time in Los Angeles working and writing songs with Golden Globe winning actress Marion Cotillard”. Let’s stay tuned for more info on that! It certainly sounds intriguing!

To finish this post a TV alert for our French friends: Remember to mark Wednesday, March 14 in your diaries! Canal + will be dedicating that evening to Marion Cotillard. After airing La Môme you’ll be able to enjoy a documentary by Bastien Duval called “Mon clown”. As of 11.10pm on March 14 you’ll be able to follow Marion around the world on her year-long promotion tour for La Vie en Rose! (source)

Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis – who won a Leading Actor BAFTA last night – loves Marion Cotillard:

Out of the four, it was Cotillard’s that took most by surprise.

“It has been the most incredible adventure,” said the 32-year-old in an emotional speech. “I loved very single second.”

Collecting his prize, Daniel Day-Lewis paid his own tribute to the French star.
“Never mind all the other qualities in her astonishing performance,” he said. “For sheer balls alone, I feel Marion should have this award as well.”

From BBC Press Release

Double page from Vanity Fair


Before I can add my own scans of this issue to the site – I’ve already payed for it it only needs to arrive in my letterbox – here’s a HQ scan by the LiveJournal Oh No They Didn’t!

(View scans of all the other features here)

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