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33 years ago today…

… a star was born, her last name rhymes with superstar, Oscar and César. But even without those external accomplishments Marion Cotillard has a beautiful personality and an immense acting talent. We hope she’s able to spend this day with her loved ones and wish her all the best in the year to come.

You rock my life

A very talented artist recently created a mural in Los Angeles – depicting Marion Cotillard’s happy moment at the Oscars and featuring the quote ‘You rock my life Olivier’ – which is how she was thanking La Vie en Rose director during her acceptance speech.

She certainly is rocking our life too! To let her know that a few of the site’s visitors have decided to leave short messages in the forum that I will put together in one letter and send off to Marion’s represantatives. Do you want to let Marion know how much you value her work as an actress? Then head over to the forum and add your (brief) message! Deadline: Wednesday, March 12.

Official statements

Marion Cotillard:

“On February 16, 2007, I appeared on a late night French television program,’Paris Dernière.’ In the last 48 hours, my statements on that program have been taken completely out of context and been crafted into a story that has no merit. The conversation on the talk show included a dialogue about conspiracy theories. At no point did I intend to contest the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, one of the most tragic days in all of history. Nonetheless, I sincerely regret if my comments offended or hurt anyone.”

Publicist Bastien Duval to The Times (we don’t know the cues that prompted these answers, nor do we know whether this is all Mr. Duval said):

Marion is “still in shock” at the angry reaction to her comments in the United States. Mr Duval said that the interview was filmed after a broadcast on Coluche, a French comedian killed in a motorcycle accident in 1986, and she had simply made clear that she intended to form her own opinion about the events of September 11 rather than follow the official version, that it was a terrorist attack led by al-Qaeda.

“This reportage has been taken out of context and one can only condemn such practices. Marion deplores that. She is currently filming in Chicago and has a lot of work. She is in an ocean of happiness and voila, this row blows up. It’s rather strange. It’s an old report, not at all current. Why bring it out now? I talked three times to Marion overnight. This is worrying her. She is still in shock and does not really know how to react. She doesn’t have to apologise for a badly presented and badly interpreted reportage. She hopes that the Americans will have enough distance to understand, but her career is not just American. She can make films everywhere.”

Leslie Unger, Spokeswoman for The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:

“The opinions expressed by Academy Award winners are solely their own. Ms Cotillard is free to express whatever views she has, but they have nothing to do with the Academy or the Academy Awards. Oscars are not revoked in light of any expressions of opinion. The Oscar is recognition of work done in film; nothing more and nothing less.”

Conspiracy theories

[edited to only have the most relevant facts above the cut – hit Read More to read the full post]

Over a year ago, during a French TV show called ‘Paris Première – Paris Dernière’ that aired on February 16, 2007 the show’s host Xavier de Moulins asked La Vie en Rose Make-Up artist Didier Lavergne about the death of his friend Coluche in 1986. Didier explains how he witnessed the incident from just a few meters away and how he came to doubt the official story that it was simply a stupid accident. Afterwards, they asked Marion Cotillard about her opinion. Her answer was elusive on the Coluche matter but included her take on conspiracy theories in general. To summarize, she is not believing everything she’s being told but is neither convinced of all the existing conspiracy theories – although being fascinated by them. During the informal discussion she cautiously states that she would rather carefully examine any conspiracy theory than automatically embrace the general opinion and tells about a specific documentary she’s watched. Here follows a French transcript and an English translation by Mariana.

Remember, she does not deny the horror of 9/11 nor that it happened. And nothing indicates what Marion Cotillard truly believes.

Moi, j’ai tendance, j’ai tendance à être plutôt souvent de l’avis la théorie du complot. (T’es parano?) Pas parano. Non, non, ce n’est pas parano. Parce que je pense qu’on nous ment sur énormément de choses. (Ouais.) Coluche, le 11 septembre, tout ça. On peut voir sur internet tous, tous les films qui enfin… du 11 septembre sur, sur la théorie du complot. C’est passionnant. C’est même addictif à un moment. (Tenons le 11 septembre, par exemple, qu’est-ce qui t’a toi le plus troublé concrètement?) On te montre que d’autres tours du même genre ayant pris des avions, ayant brûlé… Il y a une tour, je crois que c’est en Espagne qui a brûlée pendant 24 heures. (Avant de s’effondrer…) Elle ne s’est jamais effondrée! Aucune de ces tours ne s’effondre. Et là, en quelques minutes, quoi, le truc s’effondre. Et puis moi après, après ça on va en parler longuement puisqu’il y avait, parce que c’était bourré d’or, les tours du 11 septembre. Et puis c’était un gouffre à thunes parce qu’elles ont été terminées, il me semble, en 73 et pour recâbler tout ça, pour le mettre à l’heure de toute la technologie et tout, c’était beaucoup plus cher de faire des travaux etc. que de les détruire… Est-ce que l’homme a vraiment marché sur la lune? Moi, j’ai vu pas mal de documentaires là-dessus et ça, vraiment je m’interroge. Mais, en tout cas, je ne crois pas tout ce qu’on me dit, ça c’est sûr.

I have a tendency to often share the point of view of the conspiracy theory. (Are you paranoid?) No, no, it’s not a paranoid thing. Because I think that we are told lies about lots of things. (Yeah.) Coluche, 9/11, all that. We can watch on the internet all the films that, well… about 9/11 about, about the conspiracy theory. It’s fascinating. It’s even addictive after a while. (Let’s take 9/11, for example, what did disturb you more concretly?) You are shown that other towers of the same kind that were hit by planes, that burnt… There is a tower, I think that it’s in Spain that burnt for 24 hours. (Before collapsing…) It never collapsed! None of these towers collapsed. And, over there, in a few minutes, the thing collapses. And, then, after that, we’ll talk lengthily about it because there was, because the thing was filled with gold, the towers from 9/11. And then it was a money sucker because they were finished, it seems to me, in ’73, and to update all that, to modernise all the technology and everything, it was much more expensive to have work done etc than destroying them. Did man walk on the moon? I’ve seen quite a lot of documentaries about it and I ask myself. But, in any case, I don’t believe everything that I’m told, that’s for sure.

Cotillard could not be reached Sunday but her lawyer, Vincent Toledano, told AFP she had “never intended to contest nor question the attacks of September 11, 2001, and regrets the way old remarks have been taken out of context.”

When I came online a few hours ago I was deeply shocked. Not only were there many disrespectful comments about Marion Cotillard here on the site but I had also received countless emails insulting both me and Marion Cotillard. Is it any wonder that we have wars in this world when people rush to make such harsh comments after reading something they don’t like or agree with?
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Marion Cotillard about Switzerland

Various Swiss newspapers ran a story about Marion’s recollection of her time in Switzerland. I’m not sure whether these are actually new quotes or an old story being recycled because of the lady’s Oscar win. Also the publication cited as original source is generally not the most trustworthy. Anyway, a translation of this article – I found it interesting because I happen to live in Berne:

“I know Switzerland a little because I was shooting a film [‘La Guerre dans le Haut Pays’, 1999] with Francis Reusser there”, explains the 32-year-old to “Blick”. We spent 2 months in Interlaken – however I don’t have good memories of my time there. They don’t like the French at all there!”

But the ‘La Môme’ star discovered some cozy places too: “Geneva and the Italian Switzerland – and Berne. Such a beautiful city. Overwhelming!” She was only bothered by the Bear Pit in the city – and not just a little: “There I was, strolling around the gorgeous Old Town, then I crossed the bridge and was deeply shocked. How can the Swiss who are normally very ecology-minded – I love their health food and wholefood shops – allow something like that to exist?”

Berne should absolutely invite the actress to the opening of the new Bear Park: The bear will have an enclosure of over 6000 square meters at the hillside of the Aare river to roam around as of summer 2009. Cotillard would then be able to observe the “Mutzen” [local expression for the bear] from the terrace near the present Bear Pit as well as from the lane on the bank of the Aare river!

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