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‘Macbeth’ Posters

‘Macbeth’ Posters

Studio Canal showed first footage of ‘Macbeth‘ during Cannes market earlier this week. To promote the movie they had 2 character posters up – displaying a muddy but fierce Michael Fassbender and a serene but also fierce Marion Cotillard. Somebody took a picture from an angle and the photoshopped posters have been posted all over the internet, e.g. on The Playlist.

001 Macbeth – 2015 > Artwork

Marion Cotillard on 2 Additional Magazine Covers

Marion Cotillard on 2 Additional Magazine Covers

Marion Cotillard covers two more magazines in France this week – bringing the total count to five! Madame Figaro has more pictures from the shoot by Jan Welters also used by Elle and Ciné Télé Obs uses an additional picture by Elliot Bliss. Sylvie Testud – she played opposite Marion in ‘La Vie en Rose‘ as Edith’s friend Momone – wrote the portrait in Madame Figaro. She was impressed by her portrayal in the upcoming ‘Two Days, One Night‘ and by how Marion Cotillard is still the same person she met on the ‘La Vie en Rose‘ set in 2006.

Ciné Télé Obs is mostly about ‘Two Days, One Night‘ and I am getting more excited by the day about the movie. Her process about becoming Sandra was similar to when she became Edith Piaf. She created an empty space within her for Sandra and adopted the first things that came to her as inspiration. For Sandra these were a person from her family, a friend and Jean-Jacques Goldman. There are shots in the movie that last seven minutes and the Dardenne Brothers had specific ideas about what happens at what exact moment, Marion compared their precision to Swiss clocks – which led to 56 takes. But Marion would have done 250 takes had they asked as she had total confidence in them. Working with them was everything she ever dreamed about a collaboration with a director. While shooting ‘Macbeth‘ she had to send her son back to France as she wasn’t herself anymore. Lady Macbeth is totally crazy. Sandra wasn’t in too good shape either but at least ends up seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. There will be limited promotion for ‘Two Days, One Night‘ but Marion Cotillard wanted to give interviews because she really stands behind this movie. Bernadette Lafont’s passing makes her emotional. She remembers her advice “In this business you’ll meet so many people telling you you’re the eight world wonder. Imagine they’re just saying hello”. She tries to take the good and bad with distance, not to take it personally.

I added digital scans – Sofia will later replace These with better scans – and some outtakes. There’s also a new English interview about ‘The Immigrant‘.

Marion Cotillard Flirts With the Dark Side, WSJ
Marion Cotillard, corps et âme, Madame Figaro (read with Google Translator)

005 Scans from 2014 > Ciné Télé Obs (France) – May 10-23
009 Scans from 2014 > Madame Figaro (France) – May 9
006 Sessions from 2014 > Madame Figaro / Elle

Marion Cotillard on 3 Covers (!)

Marion Cotillard on 3 Covers (!)

Kindly do not redistribute the magazine scans at another Marion Cotillard fan site as they were scanned exclusively for ‘Magnifique Marion Cotillard’. Thank you.

Can you imagine? Marion Cotillard is on the cover of 3 magazines out in France today! Sofia was a very busy bee today and went out, bought all three of them and made scans for us. This left her no time to update which is why I’m posting about all she’s updated the site with today.

She covers this week’s issue of Elle. Ahead of the premiere of ‘Deux jours, une nuit‘ (Two Days, One Night) at Cannes and in French theatres later this month she talks about how she got into the role of Sandra, a depressed worker in a factory trying to save her job. The Dardenne brothers wanted her to lose her French accent so she practiced to speak slowlier and with a musicality of sorts. A light Belgian accent. She developed a special way Sandra was moving, breathing, walking. Herself not suffering from depression she studied the effect medication has on people who do and incorporated that into her character. She imagined Sandra would be watching a lot of TV, so she did too even though she usually doesn’t. She loves the collaboration with Dior because it allows her to work with some very talented filmmakers such as David Lynch and her idol John Cameron Mitchell. While growing up, she had a very healthy relationship with her parents, so she shields her son from the negative character traits she might bring home from set (this one, as well as Macbeth).

Then there’s this week’s Grazia which shows us Marion Cotillard’s Rock’n’Roll side. The great pictures were taken once again by Eliott Bliss. The interview was conducted on set of ‘Deux jours, une nuit‘ (Two Days, One Night) and is very fun and light. They ask her about the difference between the US and France.

Then there’s the June issue of Marie Claire. The pictures were taken by Dancian and show us Marion Cotillard’s funky side. I really love it, it’s something new. She talks about ‘Deux jours, une nuit‘ (Two Days, One Night), that it was the best experience of making a film ever (but this is nothing against other directors she’s worked with) and that Sandra may be better at facing confrontation than her. She wouldn’t get politically active, she believes that (unremarked) actions in everyday life by citizens are the only thing to maybe bring about change. If she hadn’t become an actress she would probably be working with children. He favourite place is Gironde in Cap Ferret. She loves her friends and that they’re there for her when she comes back from filming as she has only time for her family when she’s on set. As she’d just gotten back from London and filming ‘Macbeth‘ when this interview was conducted she was looking forward to sleeping.

Thanks again to Sofia for all the hard work involved with scanning these magazines.

007 Scans from 2014 > Elle (France) – May 9
008 Scans from 2014 > Grazia (France) – May 9
008 Scans from 2014 > Marie Claire (France) – June

Marion Cotillard attends ‘The Immigrant’ Premiere in NYC

Marion Cotillard attends ‘The Immigrant’ Premiere in NYC

After doing the press junket round last weekend to promote ‘The Immigrant‘ there was a screening of the movie at the Paley Center for Media in New York yesterday, sponsored by Dior, Cinema Society, Vanity Fair and Moët & Chandon. Surprisingly, Marion Cotillard wasn’t wearing Dior to the event but a knee-length Swiss lace frock from Mary Katrantzou’s much-lauded fall collection. Together with the fun up do she definitely was the epitome of exotic French elegance. Director James Gray and media-shy co-star Joaquin Phoenix also attended.

I didn’t expect to live an American dream, and I’m actually really living it. I just wanted to be an actress and tell great stories, but I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to work in this country.

After the screening, Marion Cotillard changed into a red silk Dior dress and headed to the after party at Beautique – where she was photographed with Isabella Rossellini. Thanks to Sofia there are tons of HQ pictures in the gallery for us to enjoy.

Don’t forget, ‘The Immigrant‘ will be out in the US this month. Check out the links below to various clips that have been released to start the US promotion for the movie.

Apparently, Marion Cotillard is expected later today at the Dior cruise 2015 show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

040 Events in 2014 > “The Immigrant” Premiere – New York
013 Events in 2014 > “The Immigrant” Premiere – New York – After Party

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Marion Cotillard at the Costume Instute Gala

Marion Cotillard at the Costume Instute Gala

Marion Cotillard once again attended the annual MET Gala – or Costume Institute Gala: “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday evening. She was Dior’s guest and was wearing a Dior Haute Couture embroidered dark ink blue silk dress with quirky Dior Haute Couture shoes and Chopard jewelry, including just one earring. Sofia has been busy adding loads of pictures including many HQs. Thanks to Ann for some of these. She was photographed with Amy Adams, Johnny Depp, Stella McCartney and Erdem Moralioglu. There are also great behind the scenes shots taken by Mario Testino, Eliott Bliss and her make-up artist Christophe Danchaud. By the way, I just LOVE her sideswept hair. She later changed into a dress by Stella McCartney for the after party.

062 Events in 2014 > Costume Institute Gala: “Charles James: Beyond Fashion”
001 Costume Institute Gala: “Charles James: Beyond Fashion” – After Party

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