New film for Marion?

It seems Marion is linked to a new French film that is supposed to shoot this fall in the Paris area. The film, Gueule D’Ange is reportedly looking for a little girl to play the role of Marion’s daughter. It’s not clear what the plot will be yet but the film will be directed by French director Vanessa Filho.

Here is the link to the casting advertisement posted today and mentioning Marion.


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  1. God, I so can’t wait for Marion to announce her new film! She said the Ismael’s Ghosts is the only film we’ll see her in this year, but it shouldn’t mean that she won’t shoot anything this year, right? I hope she will work with some great director, or probably one of the directors she had worked with already! I think she should be more picky about the directors she works with, and not agree on the project just because the director is her/her family’s friend or the authoritative person of French cinema. This director should come to her with a great scenario, that’s for sure. I think most people thought of Marion’s last projects as they were lacking a good script.

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