New video gallery for Magnifique Marion Cotillard

As I had mentioned before, we are working on a video gallery for the website that will allow us to upload all the videos we have on Marion as part of the website instead of a third party channel. The video gallery is now in place although it’s very early stages and we have a LOT of videos to add still. Please bear with us as this is quite a load of work and we don’t have as much time as we would like to complete it. Still, and as we will from now on be publishing all new videos on there, I have decided it’s time to make it known so that you guys can check it as often as you like. To access the gallery go to:

Thank you to the beyond amazing Claudia for helping with putting this gallery together!

If you have any questions, or want to even help upload videos (we need all the help we can get to get the entire video collection on there!) don’t hesitate to contact us!



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