Satellite Awards nomination and New York Film Critics Circle win

The awards season is indeed upon us and the news have been great for Marion Cotillard. We had previously announced her nomination for The Immigrant by the Independent Spirit Awards and we are now happy to announce one more nomination and one award won.

The nominees for the Satellite Awards were announced this morning and Marion is among the nominees:

Actress in a Motion Picture

Anne Dorval
Roadside Attractions

Felicity Jones
Focus Features

Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Fox Searchlight

Julianne Moore
Sony Pictures Classics

Marion Cotillard
IFC Films

Reese Witherspoon
Fox Searchlight

Rosamund Pike

Two Days, One Night is also nominated in the Motion Picture, International category.

In even better news, The New York Film Critics Circle has picked Marion as best actress for both The Immigrant and Two Days, One Night.

Other acting awards went to Marion Cotillard for her work in two films, “The Immigrant” and “Two Days, One Night” (best actress), as well as to Timothy Spall for “Mr. Turner” (best actor) and J.K. Simmons in “Whiplash” (supporting actor).

The Immigrant also walked out with best cinematography!

Sources: Variety, prnewswire


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  1. I’m so amazingly excited to watch the incredible Marion Cotillard winning at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards the Best Actress Award twice at the same year: for her awe-inspiring performances in both Two Days, One Night and The Immigrant (the way The Weinstein Company treated that hauntingly beautiful film is truly disgusting)! That’s really quite a feat. Personally, I’m rooting for both but since only one can make the cut so that she avoids split voting with herself, I’d give a slight edge to her phenomenal turn in Two Days, One Night. Marion Cotillard’s performance as Sandra in the latest Dardennes Brothers masterpiece is the kind of performance that needs to be seen to be truly believed. There’s really no way to overhype her work there, trust me. You rarely get to watch such a towering performance from an actor / actress in your entire life. With her unmatched work in this film, you feel like she’s pushing acting to a whole another level. She makes you feel the deepest and most complex emotions for a woman who has to fight against depression and the possibility of losing her job at the same time. Acting definitely doesn’t get any better. Yes, a foreign-language drama of social realism by the Dardennes Brothers is definitely not the Academy voters’ cup of tea, but they really have to honor a tremendous performance in such an important film, let alone from an exceptional actress who has putting out consistently brilliant performances the last seven (!) years after her much unforgettable win for her legendary performance in La Vie En Rose. She has to score her second win this year and if not for that at least a ridiculously overdue second Oscar nomination.

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