Marion Cotillard on 3 Covers (!)

Kindly do not redistribute the magazine scans at another Marion Cotillard fan site as they were scanned exclusively for ‘Magnifique Marion Cotillard’. Thank you.

Can you imagine? Marion Cotillard is on the cover of 3 magazines out in France today! Sofia was a very busy bee today and went out, bought all three of them and made scans for us. This left her no time to update which is why I’m posting about all she’s updated the site with today.

She covers this week’s issue of Elle. Ahead of the premiere of ‘Deux jours, une nuit‘ (Two Days, One Night) at Cannes and in French theatres later this month she talks about how she got into the role of Sandra, a depressed worker in a factory trying to save her job. The Dardenne brothers wanted her to lose her French accent so she practiced to speak slowlier and with a musicality of sorts. A light Belgian accent. She developed a special way Sandra was moving, breathing, walking. Herself not suffering from depression she studied the effect medication has on people who do and incorporated that into her character. She imagined Sandra would be watching a lot of TV, so she did too even though she usually doesn’t. She loves the collaboration with Dior because it allows her to work with some very talented filmmakers such as David Lynch and her idol John Cameron Mitchell. While growing up, she had a very healthy relationship with her parents, so she shields her son from the negative character traits she might bring home from set (this one, as well as Macbeth).

Then there’s this week’s Grazia which shows us Marion Cotillard’s Rock’n’Roll side. The great pictures were taken once again by Eliott Bliss. The interview was conducted on set of ‘Deux jours, une nuit‘ (Two Days, One Night) and is very fun and light. They ask her about the difference between the US and France.

Then there’s the June issue of Marie Claire. The pictures were taken by Dancian and show us Marion Cotillard’s funky side. I really love it, it’s something new. She talks about ‘Deux jours, une nuit‘ (Two Days, One Night), that it was the best experience of making a film ever (but this is nothing against other directors she’s worked with) and that Sandra may be better at facing confrontation than her. She wouldn’t get politically active, she believes that (unremarked) actions in everyday life by citizens are the only thing to maybe bring about change. If she hadn’t become an actress she would probably be working with children. He favourite place is Gironde in Cap Ferret. She loves her friends and that they’re there for her when she comes back from filming as she has only time for her family when she’s on set. As she’d just gotten back from London and filming ‘Macbeth‘ when this interview was conducted she was looking forward to sleeping.

Thanks again to Sofia for all the hard work involved with scanning these magazines.

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