First Still from ‘Macbeth’

Macbeth‘ recently finished shooting and Baz Bamigboye visited the set while they were filming at Ely Cathedral (March 20-24) which was standing in for Dunsinane Castle. He now published a report which includes mostly an interview with Michael Fassbender who plays Macbeth – and two new stills, one featuring Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth. Here some quotes:

Fassbender refers to his screen wife as ‘Lady M’, and together, they make as powerful a screen couple as I’ve observed in many years.

‘He’s suffering from post traumatic stress disorder,’ Fassbender told me later. It makes total sense, when you think about it. Justin set the seed of the idea in my head. This trauma is something we know about. In World War I they called it battle fatigue, and it was probably more horrific in Macbeth’s days, when they were killing with their bare hands, and driving a blade through bodies. He’s having these hallucinations, and he needs to return to the violence to find some sort of clarity, or peace. He’d been away fighting and when he returns, we see it’s a relationship that’s broken down. They lost a child, and there wasn’t time for them to grieve because he’s been away campaigning.’

However, the couple do reconnect. ‘Lady M is desperate for that reconnection, and briefly they do. And, of course, the doorway has been opened to darkness and to violence,’ Fassbender said. After Duncan is murdered, Lady M hopes that this ‘fantastical deed, this terrible deed, this extraordinary deed of killing a king will be something that will bond them together’. But once the blood is spilled, it leads to more and more killings. ‘He’s wary of doing it,’ Fassbender said, ‘but Lady M bolsters him, and tells him to garner his strength.’

He explained that the cast speak with Scottish accents — all apart from Lady M, the Oscar-winning French actress Ms Cotillard. ‘We felt it would be unreasonable for her to put on a Scottish accent. It would not be unreasonable to presume that her character spent time in the French court.’

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